American Classic 420 Wheelset

american classic 420 road1 American Classic 420 WheelsetAmerican Classic 420 is the company's best seller for a reason. The 420 is great do-it-all wheelset for racing, training, and triathlons. The deep section, light weight, and smooth spinning hubs make a very balanced wheel for a variety of conditions. These wheels have very good lateral stiffness and a very comfortable ride due to the aluminum construction.

The bearings on these wheels are very smooth and spin with no effort. That's something you really feel on the road. On flats and rollers, they carry good speed and go fast compared to low profile wheels. On climbs, they may not accelerate like super low profile wheels but the light weight and smooth hubs minimize the difference. The deep rim design helps cut through the air for time trials and triathlons. This wheel gives you 99% of the performance of a sport specific wheel, but does it in one design that you can leave on your bike all the time.

The $1000 price is a reasonable value, better compared to trying to get a good aero wheelset and a good box section wheelset. It's a great wheelset that you can use while training and leave it on for racing.

The pre-2009 model comes in black. The 2009 model is a stunning white design. In 2009, American Classic acknowledged that some users had issues with the hubs and updated their hub design.

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