Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 Wheelset

Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 Wheelset 300x300 Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 Wheelset

Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 Wheelset

Triathletes and time trialists know what it means to ride fast – when you are out on your own, no drafts, and no free rides from other riders – where there are no excuses. This is the time when you need everything to work in perfect harmony to cut through the air; to maximize every ounce of power your legs can give. That’s why these riders agonize over every single component on their bike. Everything – the handlebars, the seatpost, the frame all have to be as aerodynamic as possible, slicing the wind, yet light as a feather and super stiff. The most important component is where the rubber quite literally meets the road – the wheels.

When you need aerodynamics, it’s the parts that move that are critical. They shape the air flow, directing it over the rider and the frame, and saving valuable seconds on the ride to the line or the transition area. That’s why many time trialists and triathletes will spend more time – and more money – on their wheels than even their frame.

A match made in Heaven

Bontrager has stepped up to that challenge, working with none other than Steve Hed to come up with their most aerodynamic wheels ever, the Aeolus 9.0 wheelset. The super deep 90mm rims channel air flow yet won’t wobble under crosswinds like tri-spoke.  New design hubs allow a whole new wide-spacing 16 spoke lace pattern, but don’t let that spidery look fool you. The Aeolus 9.0 is super strong – thanks to Bontrager’s OCLV carbon process that gets all the air pockets out of the carbon fiber, leaving a denser weave. It’s so strong that Bontrager offers a five year warranty and best of all – no rider weight limit!

As always with Bontrager, the Aeolus 9.0 Wheelset is compatible with SRAM and Shimano, but Campy users will need a freehub converter.

Are they really that fast?

Ask Chris Lieto. How many Ironman course records do you need to break to agree this wheelset is the pinnacle of strength, durability, and aerodynamics? Disc wheel loyalists should take note – the Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 wheelset comes in at a combined weight of only 1910 grams for the convenient clincher version and a feather light 1840g for the tubular rims.  If your course has the hint of a hill or race day brings even a gentle cross wind, chances are you’ll get better results with the combined aerodynamics and light weight of the Aeolus 9.0 wheelset over anything you’d pair up with a disc!

So what’s the downside? It has to be the price, right? Nope. At an RRP of around $2650, the Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 wheelset is just about as fast as any other deep section wheelset on the market, and competes on price with comparable wheelsets from the likes of Lightweight or even Zipp.  So what are you waiting for? I’ll tell you. With the Bontrager Aeolus 9.0 wheelset, you’ll be waiting for everyone else!

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