Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two Wheelset

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Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two Wheelset

When you start to get really fast, and really competitive – and maybe even get a taste for winning a race or two, something starts to happen. You’ll start to talk in a foreign language to your spouse, one that is nothing but bike brands and components. You’ll measure everything in grams and all that high school chemistry will come back when you talk about titanium, scandium, and aluminum. Most of all, you’ll totally lose any sense of the value of money. In return, you’ll find yourself with a bike that goes like the wind and is truly a work of art. And it will be rolling on Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two wheels.

Wheels or Wings?

Let’s talk about those grams. At only around 1300g, there is just about nothing lighter, especially in a 50 millimeter rim. The Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two wheels are just about the perfect combination of aerodynamics and feather-weight dreaminess. It takes a lot of research to get that kind of rim with so few grams, and every little detail is meticulously crafted. There aren’t even any decals – the logos are printed directly on the rim, and there isn’t even a sticker edge to upset air flow.  To keep those tubular tires tight, Campagnolo’s own dynamic balance system has the bed molded directly into the rim so you can corner with confidence, and carbon fiber hubs keep the weight down, but are meticulously designed for smooth power transfer with super tight intervals.

Okay, they are light and they are aerodynamic, but what happens in a sprint, or if you need to power hard up a climb? Well, we’ve mentioned that the hub isn’t going to let you down when you are piling on the watts, and the close range means that when you jump up for the sprint they won’t be lagging behind you. If you are out of the saddle and rocking your way up a Hors Categorie climb, the aluminum single side flange will keep these wheels stiff under the pressure –high power riders won’t feel any flex in sprints and climbs.

Even the custom brake pads are perfectly designed to give you maximum stop when you need it. In short, nothing has been left to chance with the Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two wheelset. Not enough detail? Check out the sleek new quick release levers. Seriously, every last detail is a perfect balance of aerodynamics and light weight functionality.

A Wheelset for the Pros

This is not a wheelset for weekend warriors who can only have one decent set of wheels. First, there’s the price. At around four grand for the pair, only serious riders with a need to win are going to be shopping in this market.  Don’t even ask for a clincher version; these wheels are only for when every second of performance matters, and you won’t get that without a tubular. Maintaining these wheels is not easy either. Clearly, Campagnolo designed them for a rider with an in-house mechanic – just keeping air in the tires is tricky unless you get a valve extender that is both long and narrow enough to work with the rim. They aren’t forgiving either; that stiffness equates to a pretty rough ride when the surface gets bumpy, but then again, who takes four thousand dollar wheels out on a training ride? Of course neither convenience nor comfort matter when you are rolling over the finish line in front, and that is what the Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two does best.

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