Campagnola Bora Ultra Two Wheelset

campy bora ultra2 wheelset 150x150 Campagnola Bora Ultra Two WheelsetThe Campagnola Bora is one of the most familiar wheelsets in the pro peloton.  It has been a mainstay in the major stage races for many years, and with good reason.  The rims are made from carbon, employing the same materials and technology used in the Hyperon Ultra Two wheel.  This means that the carbon is not merely a fairing for an aluminum rim, as it is with wheels like the Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL clincher.  In the Bora, carbon forms the structure of the wheel, and it provides a highly stable and very stiff platform.

Bora Ultra Two Compared to Zipp 404s

The rims have a depth of 50mm which is comparable to Zipp 404s, so you get a clean slice through the wind.  They are light, with a total wheelset weight of 1319g.  The rims have a sculpted aero profile, and they have proved to be highly durable, thanks in part to the Campagnola carbon brake pad set that comes as part of the package, along with skewers, wheelbags and lock ring, although you would expect those kinds of extras at a price of around $4000.

Campy Wheelset Technology

The Bora has the same hub technology as the Hyperon Ultra two.  That means they have super light, carbon fiber shells with variable wall thickness, so there is strength where it is needed most, but less weight where it isn’t.  Inside the hubs are Campagnola’s Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology (CULT) bearings.  CULT improves the already durable and easy-moving ceramic bearings with an oil-based lubrication – instead of grease - to minimize friction and drag.  This means that the Bora rolls smoothly, but best of all, your investment will last.  The combination of ceramic bearings lubricated with oil means you won’t face the corrosion of traditional greased steel-bearings.

Additionally, the Bora Ultra Two’s rear hub has an enlarged aluminum right flange. This has the effect of increasing torsional stiffness. Going uphill on the Bora, it was very responsive under acceleration and we could get no detectable flex from them, no matter how hard we tried.

The spoke pattern is radial in the front wheel (18spokes) and the rear wheel (21 spokes) has a G3 pattern.  The G3 pattern means a doubling of the spokes, which again increases lateral stiffness helping every bit of power you put into the pedals to be translated into velocity.  It is perhaps no surprise that these wheels earn positive reviews all around pro cycling, however with a price tag at the higher end for this type of wheel, it is the least you should expect.

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