Campagnolo Eurus G3 wheel set

campagnolo eurus g31 Campagnolo Eurus G3 wheel set Campy brings a revamped new Eurus G3 road wheelset for 2010. The new Eurus model have been overhauled to provide weight savings, incorporate new technology, and most importantly improve ride. These could be the best aluminum road wheelset currently on the market.

Campy Technology in the Eurus G3

The new Eurus G3 uses a variety of tricks to reduce weight. The rims have toroidal milling technology which machines out materials from between the spokes to reduce weight. The spokes have also been lightened and the aluminum spoke nipples save a few grams. The low spoke count (16 on the front wheel, 21 on the rear) also reduces weight. The rims are laced to oversize Record hubs that are 9 or 10 speed compatible. These bring the Eurus to around 1500g for the wheelset not including skewers. Not the lightest wheel, but good for a mid-profile wheelset that also gives a slight aerodynamic benefit.

Campagnolo didn’t forget to add some goodies to the revamped Eurus G3. The most significant addition is the Campy 2-Way fit rim technology allowing the rim to take tubeless clinchers or standard clinchers. Using Campy’s Ultra-Fit tubeless rim profile, a tubeless tire will get an excellent mating to the wheel sidewall. The Eurus also comes with the new quick release skewers using the new Dual Pivot design. Dynamic balancing tech in the wheel rims is supposed to give greater stability at high speeds.

G3 Ride Quality

On the bike is where you’ll really feel the difference of the updated Eurus wheelset. The striking G3 spoke pattern gives additional stability on the drive side and in 7 groups of 3 spokes (2 drive side, 1 non-drive). The front wheel has straight pull spokes in a traditional pattern. The added tubeless capability gives additional road feel, reduces tire friction, and reduces weight. Campy’s testing has shown a 30% decrease in rolling resistance at 40km/h. The rear hub is not too loud when coasting and rolls silky smooth. The wheels experience very little flex and are responsive to accelerations.

Overall the new Eurus is a welcome update from Campagnolo. They replaced a good wheelset with a completely new wheelset that accomodates new technology at the same weight and the same price as last year’s model. Adding tubeless capability gives riders ready to try out the new tire tech the capability when they want to. The new Campy Eurus 3g is an advanced wheelset that can be counted on as reliable and ready for all conditions for any rider.

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