Campagnolo Hyperon One Wheelset

Campagnolo Hyperion One Wheelset Campagnolo Hyperon One Wheelset

Campagnolo Hyperion One Wheelset

Most seasoned racers will know the Campagnolo Hyperon Two, since it is a stalwart of tubular racing wheels. Even if you don’t ride Campy, chances are you’ll have checked out the Hyperon Two on someone’s bike at a race, even it was just glancing over to see what that seriously fast looking wheel actually was. Everyone knows that Campy’s Hyperon is a really fast, high quality wheel, but it has a couple of problems. The first one is a personal issue for many riders – it’s Campy. If you are a Shimano devotee, then look for another wheel, because Campy just won’t do, and frankly that’s a shame. If only Campagnolo would make their already excellent wheels a little more compatible…

The other downside to the Hyperon is that it’s a tubular wheel, which means it’s really only for race days. If you’ve ever ventured out on a training ride on a tub, and found yourself calling your increasingly irate spouse to come and get you when you get a flat, then you’ll probably be thinking ‘if only they made decent, fast, race quality carbon clinchers!’ the good news is now just about every wheel manufacturer does, and Campagnolo is no exception – enjoy the Hyperon One wheelset.

No clincher compromise

Just because the Hyperon One wheelset is a clincher doesn’t mean there have been any major cutbacks on quality. First of all, even being clinchers they come in at 1380g – that’s right, a clincher wheelset under 1400g. Not bad! The completely carbon rim is exactly the same as the Hyperon Ultra Two, which is frankly a far more elite wheelset, so you are already getting a bargain with the Hyperon one.  I can hear you now – ‘but doesn’t that mean the clincher is fragile?’ Well, no. Campy has taken rim pressure, braking surface temperatures, and the extra abuse a clincher will get when it rolls out on a training ride all into account.

They’ve put a little extra thought into the design to handle these issues for the Hyperon One wheelset, working with a differential spoke lacing pattern to retain stiffness and add some strength, and they’ve built the rear wheel a little deeper (23mm instead of the front wheel’s 21mm). This gives the rear wheel a little more weight carrying ability, and makes it a tad more aero where you need both features most – at the back.

A few provisos…

That said, this is a clincher version of a tubular design. That means you have to make a few allowances. You don’t get the carbon and ceramic Hyperon Ultra hubs; instead you get aluminum ones, a little heavier but carefully built to roll pretty nicely for aluminum.  Where other wheel manufacturers compromise their carbon tubular rims with heavy aluminum braking surfaces when they make their clincher models, campy has opted to keep the weight off. That means – like with the Hyperon Ultra Two wheelset, you must use Campy’s own brake pads (although a set does come with the wheels).

All this means that you get some top-end performance from a very lightweight wheel, and you should expect to pay for it. At around $3300 this is clearly a serious wheelset. It is expected to race, climb, and corner, but unlike its fancy-pants Hyperon Ultra Two relation, the Campagnolo Hyperon one wheelset comes with the convenience of a clincher. This means that your big bucks really get a wheelset that can do most of what a serious road rider needs. Think about it, how much would a set of decent tubular race wheels plus a set or two or training wheels cost? Probably more than one set of Hyperon Ones, and you won’t enjoy your training rides nearly as much!

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