Campagnolo Neutron Wheelset

Campagnolo Neutron Wheelset 300x211 Campagnolo Neutron Wheelset

Campagnolo Neutron Wheelset

The market for mid priced do-it-all wheels is becoming highly competitive.  Manufacturers such as Campagnolo, Shimano and Mavic are able to produce wheels that are strong and reliable for a price that will not break the bank.  Of course, strong and reliable wheels have been available to cyclists at reasonable prices for some time, but the difference with the new generation is that for your money you get strength and reliability, but you also get a wheel weight that would not make a top level cyclist (or even a pro cyclist) hide back in the pack.

Real versatility

And the Campagnolo Neutron wheelset really can do it all.  I tested my Neutrons on a long training ride, and  the first thing I noticed about them is that they climbed very well.  At only 1550 grams for the wheelset, they are light, and wheel weight is one of the biggest factors to consider when you think about upgrading your bike, particularly if you enjoy climbing, or want to enjoy climbing more.

The Neutron also handled some rough terrain and harsher road conditions well.  Over pot holes and over some dirt road sections, the Neutrons stayed solid and stable, and they always felt as though they could handle all I was throwing at them, or even more.  And despite the rough treatment and my 200 pound frame, they did not require so much as a tweak with a spoke wrench on the truing stand when we returned to our starting point.

Not spidery at all…

In the sprints, again, the Neutrons were solid performers.  Although they are light, they were stiff and highly responsive to acceleration.  I felt no sign of flexing (despite my best efforts!), with good rigidity aided by the design of the rear wheel in particular with its asymmetrical drilling affording the wheel exceptional lateral stiffness.

Race, train, and get ‘em dirty

The Campagnolo Neutron wheelset is a clincher wheel which makes it an ideal choice for a good quality training wheel that could also be used to race, or to tackle various challenging rides over varying terrain.  The Neutron’s strength and versatility also make it a good choice for cyclocross. The combination of strength, durability and responsiveness give it ideal characteristic for taking on the lumps and bumps you can expect on a ‘cross course.  In addition, ‘cross calls for many tight turns and acceleration from, at times, almost a standing start, and the lightness of this wheel coupled with its stiffness form the important attributes you would look for in a wheel to make sure every ounce of power you put down in order to take off go into speed, and are not lost to flex.

The best bit? The Campagnolo neutrons can be found for around $700. That makes for an excellent all-rounder that presents extremely good value for money.   What a great wheelset for your first real upgrade, and if you do spend a bit for a superlight wheelset later on, the Neutrons really should have an honored place as your best training wheelset.

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