DT Swiss RRC 1250 wheelset

DT Swiss RRC 1250 Wheelset 300x150 DT Swiss RRC 1250 wheelset

DT Swiss RRC 1250 Wheelset

As athletes begin to improve in their cycling, they look not only to themselves to improve their performance, but also to their equipment.  Cycling equipment is not cheap at the best of times, and as you move up the scale of components, you tend to find that for a large increment in cost, you get a relatively small increment in performance.  Therefore, getting the most bang for your buck becomes extremely important for most, if not all, amateur cyclists.

Possibly the most expensive part of your bicycle will be the wheelset.  If you have bought your bicycle as a package it is likely that it will have come with a fairly solid and reliable set of stock wheels.  When it comes to be time for an upgrade, you will discover that quality, or top end wheel sets will set you back anything between $1000 to $4000 and sometimes even more.  And if you are shelling out anything like that amount of money, you will want to be sure that you have a great all-around wheel, and not one that can only be ridden by a sub-100 leprechaun riding downhill toward his pot of gold with a following breeze.

Start at the top

At $4000, the DT Swiss RRC 1250 wheelset is at the top end of the price scale.  However, what you can expect at that price is top level componentry and a first class build from one of the market leaders in wheel components and manufacturing.  And in this, DT Swiss do not disappoint.

DT Swiss have a name for producing some of the finest hubs in the world.  The carbon rims of the RRC 1250 are laced to DT Swiss’s lightest hub shells, which themselves contain ceramic bearings.  The hubs do a great deal more than contribute to the wheelset’s light weigh-in at 1290 grams. These wheels rolled beautifully over varied terrain, and on smooth asphalt, they just felt like they would roll forever.   The smoothness of the ride quality is aided by the use of bladed spokes, adding an important extra element of aerodynamics to the wheel, which top riders will look to for that extra helping hand in the break.

And they are clinchers!

One of the RRC 1250’s best features, though, is also one of its simplest, and yet it is a rare feature among all-carbon rimmed wheels.  The DT Swiss RRC 1250 wheelset is a clincher.  None of the fuss and bother and lack of versatility of a tubular rim here!  With the clincher wheelset, you can retain all the benefits of a carbon rim (including a carbon braking surface). That means stiffness and light weight, and yet you still have the huge benefits of being able to repair a puncture without taking the wheel into the bike shop to have the tubular tire repaired and re-glued, or worse still, replaced.

The DT Swiss RRC 1250 wheelset is not for everyone,  because let’s face it,  hardly anyone wants to spend $4000 on a wheelset.  But if you are inclined to do so, the RRC 1250 wheeslet must be high up on your list of possibilities.  All the features and benefits, not to mention the ride quality.  And it’s a clincher.

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