Easton EA70 Wheelset Review

easton ea70 road wheelset 300x300 Easton EA70 Wheelset ReviewThe Easton EA70 wheelset is the replacement for the well known Easton Circuit. It is an aluminum, hand-built clincher with a 28mm rim profile and Sapim double butted radial spokes, 24 in the front wheel and 28 in the rear.

EA70 Price/Weight Surprise

The EA70 wheelset retails at around the 400 to 500 dollar mark, which is not a lot of money for a wheelset. The weigh-in therefore was relatively impressive at 1650g. Given the price, we did not have tremendously high expectations of the EA70, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Ride Report

We test rode these wheels on a group ride with a local cycling club. With varied terrain and plenty of climbing, we would have the opportunity to test the wheelset to the fullest extent. The first thing we noticed about the EA70 wheel is that it cornered extremely well. The wheelset felt very stable on long and twisty descents and also held up very well in tight corners. Under power, the EA70 is stiff for this price point, and our test rider certainly did not feel at a disadvantage when it came to sprinting for town signs against cycling buddies.

We were a little concerned about the EA70 remaining true through our ride, as there were sections of poorly paved fire road that provided bumpier terrain and some choice potholes. Particularly with a relatively low spoke count (24 front 28 rear) and our test rider’s weight of almost 200lb, we were unsure as to how they would hold up. Once again, however, our fears proved to be false, as the EA70 took the worst terrain that the ride had to offer and remained true. On the way up the hills, the EA70 felt smooth and stiff under power, and as the wind picked up, the low profile design of the rim meant that our rider was not buffeted to any significant degree. As for riding in the pack, the EA70 rolled very nicely on the flat, and was responsive under acceleration.


For the money the EA70 is an excellent wheel. It is strong, resilient and rides extremely well, handling particularly well in the corners. If you are considering an upgrade from the wheelset that arrived with your bike, you could do a great deal worse that consider the EA70. It is a very good all-rounder that would be ideal as a training wheel, or just for general purpose cycling such as randoneurs, cyclo-sportives or even commuting, although we would recommend not carrying too much weight. All in all the EA70 delivers a good wheelset at a highly competitive price.

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