Easton EA90 Clincher Wheelset Family

Easton has created a range of aluminum clincher wheels designed to meet the needs of a broad range of road cyclists. If you are familiar with bicycle components, you will know that the EA90 brand represents some of the best aluminum bicycle components on the market, matching the best for lightness, stiffness and price. Easton keeps it simple – EA products are aluminum, EC products are carbon.

Easton EA90 SLX wheels 150x150 Easton EA90 Clincher Wheelset Family

Easton EA90 SLX

Top of the Line - EA90 SLX

At the top of the range is the EA90 SLX. Weighing in at an impressive 1398 grams for the wheelset, they are hand built and roll on R4 SL hubs with ceramic bearings. The spokes are Sapim® double butted with 24 in the rear, and 18 in the front. For a clincher wheelset, this is extremely light, and stands up to almost all of the competition. They also roll very nicely on their ceramic bearings, although we did notice a little flex in them when going for an all-out sprint. All in all an impressive and light wheel which will provide strong competition at the top end of the clincher market, but the flex means it is probably worth trying out some competitors, especially if you are a heavy or really powerful rider.

Easton EA90 SL wheels 150x150 Easton EA90 Clincher Wheelset Family

Easton EA90 SL

EA90 SL Light and Strong

The EA90 SL is slightly heavier than the SLX at 1530 grams, but even at that weight, this is a light wheel set. The additional weight is largely accounted for by the increased spoke count (28 rear, 24 front) which gives the wheel important extra lateral stiffness, so important in a sprint. If you are a bigger, more powerful rider, this added stiffness might be reassuring, and a reason to opt for this wheel rather than the more expensive EA90 SLX.

Easton EA90 Aero wheelset 150x150 Easton EA90 Clincher Wheelset Family

Easton EA 90 Aero

EA90 Aero - Tempest II reborn

The EA90 Aero is the successor to the popular Tempest II wheelset. It is designed to combine lightness, stiffness and an aero profile, primarily for road racing, but would also be at home on a triathlon bike. The wheel features a deeper profile rim of 28mm in the front, 31mm in the rear. While the aerodynamic advantage is real, the rims are not so deep that they would be unsuitable for a windy event. And at 1545 grams, the EA90 Aero is still a legitimately light wheelset, so it makes a good choice for road racers and triathletes who face hilly courses.

Easton EA90 TT Wheelset 150x150 Easton EA90 Clincher Wheelset Family

Easton EA90 Time Trial Wheels

EA90 Time Trial Edition

The EA90 TT is based on the EA90 Aero with one or two modifications to make this wheel time trial specific. The first is that the R4 TT front hub has been designed to reduce the wheel’s frontal exposure by 50%. Both the front rim and rear rim are 31mm giving the rider an aero section wheel that would be suitable in any weather condition, fair or foul. The EA90 TT would be an excellent choice for an entry level time trial bicycle, or a triathlon bike set up. For triathletes buying equipment for three sports, it won’t break the bank.


The EA90 range of wheels lives up to the reputation of the EA90 brand in that it has produced a range of products that is light, stiff and effective, and at a competitive price point. Any EA90 wheel is a good place for a competitive rider to start, and even if you upgrade to carbon or high-performance wheels later, these robust wheels can stay in your arsenal as top-quality spares.

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