Easton EA90 XC 29 Wheelset

Easton EA90XC 29 300x300 Easton EA90 XC 29 Wheelset

Easton EA90XC 29 Wheel

Something special happens when you hit the trails for the first time on a set of 29-inch wheels. If you’ve been a die-hard traditionalist, the ‘big wheels’ may have seemed like a bit of a kid’s toy to you, but think again. Once you experience the stability and rolling control of the 29-ers, you may never go back. If this is your first time with a 29er bike, and you really want to get the best out of it, then think about the Easton EA90XC as your perfect upgrade to maximize the big wheel ride.

Cross Country Specialist

29er wheels really come into their own on a nice, flowing cross country course. Easton’s A90XC can go from a weekend ride on the flow trails straight to your first cross country races without a problem. They are a little narrower than most 29er rims, so you won’t get a big fat tire on them – that means avoid big jumps and big rocks, but that’s not stuff that should hit you in a race anyway. The plus side is the slimline rim makes the EA90XC wheelset a bit lighter – around 1700g for the pair - than most of its rivals, ideal for when you dip your toes into racing. That said, the one downside of the EA90XC wheels is that they are a bit flexy. There are certainly stiffer and more responsive wheels in the 29 inch market, but as long as you respect the flex, the Easton’s won’t give you any trouble. It’s just another reason not to huck big drops and to be careful with your lines in the big stuff. If there’s a plus side to the down side, it’s that the flex does make these wheels a bit more forgiving on your arms and shoulders.
Race ready features

So far, I’ve talked about these wheels like they are for weekend warriors and amateur racers. I don’t want to take anything away from these wheels, although serious cross-country racers will be shopping at the carbon end of the market (the ‘EC’ wheels). Even so, the Easton EA90XC wheelset is perfectly respectable on the racecourse. They come straight out of the box ready for tubeless riding with the UST seal so no messing around with rim tape. They’ve got Easton’s own hubs, durable and fully sealed for any conditions. Best of all, they look cool like proper race wheels. If these wheels didn’t come with your bike, then make sure you get the right axle for your bike – Easton pretty much guarantees that they have an axle for just about any bike.

So, if you are experimenting with the 29er world, and want to enjoy some flow trails and be ready to race when the time is right, then the Easton EA90XC wheelset is an ideal choice. If you have a stock set of wheels on your 29er, and want to upgrade for some racing edge, then look no further. At under $1000 for the pair, these wheels are perfect for most riders. If you want something that can also go onto tougher trails, handle a big drop or scale a boulder – or if you are among the heavier trail riders, then you might want to consider something a little heavier and more robust, like Easton’s Aluminum Havens. But for racing courses and fast weekend rides, it’s hard to beat the Easton EA90XC 29 wheels.

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