Easton EC90 Aero 56MM Wheelset Review

Eastone EC90 Aero Wheelset Easton EC90 Aero 56MM Wheelset Review

Easton EC90 Aero Wheelset

Easton is a familiar name to racing cyclists, both on the road an on the trails. Known for reasonably priced, high quality components with a seemingless infinite choice to fit every budget, Easton is a name most cyclists will turn to sooner or later. Perhaps best known for static components – like seatposts, handlebars and stems – Easton is just as proficient with the more demanding technology of moving components like wheelsets.

The EC90 range of components is Easton’s high end carbon range (the ‘C’ stands for carbon; the EA series is aluminum). So, with the Easton EC90 Aero 56MM wheelset we are looking at a carbon wheelset that – if the name is anything to go by – ought to have a bank of aerodynamic technological innovations.

Has Easton really gone aero?

Let’s hope so. At $2000 RRP, these wheels will have some tough competition in the aero race wheel market, so they better be good. We certainly expect a lot when we see the EC90 stamp, so are these wheels all they need to be?

When we took a critical look at the Easton EC90 Aero 56MM wheelset, the first thing we noticed is they are lighter than we expected for the price. At 1670g for the clincher and 1350g for the tubular, they are a real competitor for the Fulcrum Racing Speed and the Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR, both of which cost a bit more.

Road test

That said, they look great, and the 56mm rim depth may not be super deep, but it does give some stability for road racing where a deeper section would get buffeted by crosswinds. On our test rides, the combination of rim depth and the decent weight was really noticeable – these wheels are seriously fast! On a tough group ride, they stayed stable on turns and in the wind. Unlike many of their aero designed competitors, the light weight was a real asset up hills, and these wheels really keep rolling on the slopes.

When we got out these wheels out on their own, away from the draft of other riders, were they truly aero? Well, if you are aiming for an ‘every second counts’ time trial or triathlon, then you might want to opt for a deeper section wheel, especially if you have the power to push a heavier wheel. Lighter riders – with less power output, might just find the Easton EC90 Aero 56MM wheelset a perfect balance – I certainly did.

Technology at work

Easton has really gone to town with technological innovations on the Easton EC90 Aero 56MM wheelset, both in the core structure and the aero features. Wind tunnel testing has really paid off, and that combined with unidirectional carbon fiber for stiffness and durability (and no rider weight limit), a heat resistant coating on the braking surface, and smooth as silk superlight (SL) ceramic hubs, and there is no reason not to go as fast as you can on these wheels.

So if you are looking to lighten your bank balance by $2000 and want a seriously fast set of wheels, is the Easton EC90 Aero 56MM wheelset the right choice? You bet. If you road race, these wheels give you a perfect combination of stiffness, durability, and weight, and if you are a lighter time trialist or triathletes, then these wheels will go plenty fast. Easton even claims these wheels will never go out of true, and that they are tough enough for cyclocross. And you know what? They might just be right!

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