Easton EC90 TKO Wheelset Review

Easton EC90 TKO Wheelset 300x277 Easton EC90 TKO Wheelset Review

Easton EC90 TKO Wheelset

When most people talk wheelsets, they mean wheels for the road or the trail. The market for track wheels is totally different, and a lot smaller – but no less competitive. If you think every second counts in a time trial on the road, or in a triathlon, well, double that and you’ve got track racing. In short sprints, where a fraction of a second can make the difference between a glorious victory or an ignominious defeat, you need every single component to be as light and as fast as possible.

For the innovators, technicians, and designers of bicycle wheelsets, that’s a tough job, but at least there are a few concessions for track wheels. For one, there’s never a cross wind (at least not on indoor tracks), so rim depth is not an issue. There shouldn’t be any potholes, lumps or bumps, so wheels can be made lighter at the expense of durability. Track bikes don’t have rim brakes, so you don’t need to reinforce the braking surface or worry about heat build-up. So making a high performance track wheel should be easy, right? Not so fast. Where there is less technology in the durability of the wheels, there is much more in the aerodynamics, weight, and speed.

Easton makes track wheels?

Yes, Easton is in the track wheel market. If you know Easton for the wheels and components of your road or mountain bike, then start taking a look when you are thinking about your track bike too. The same Easton standards apply; the Easton EC90 TKO wheelset is carbon (the ‘C’ stands for carbon; Easton’s EA line are aluminum),and  it’s made to the same Easton standards as every other component, which means you are getting a top quality product you can trust. But Easton has gone a step further and really got competitive in the market for super fast track wheels. Sure these wheels may look a lot like any other mid-section race wheel, but there’s a lot going on that is all about the track.

Track specific innovation

Okay, so the Easton EC90 TKO wheelset doesn’t jump out as a track wheel. The 56mm rim isn’t as deep as a lot of track rims, and sure, it’s got spokes, and plenty of them. When you look closer, there’s a lot more to this wheel, so we got it on the track to see just how fast it would go.

The first thing we noticed about the Easton EC90 TKO wheelset was the stiffness. There is no way you’d mix up this ride with a road wheel. Every ounce of power comes right through the cranks, down the drive train, and onto the track. Even under a high-power start, these wheels showed no flex, bend or creak, and just flew off the line. On the turns, they stayed straight and stiff, with no roll from the rims.

Once up to speed, the hubs were feathery and smooth, and with only 1545g to drag, our rider shaved seconds off test times from his work bike, so there was no doubt in his mind that this was a bike he’d like to race. In the infield too, the Easton EC90 TKO wheelset was a dream to use. The wheelset comes with three custom, easy to fit cogs, so infield changes are quick and easy.

Does all this come at a price? Sure, but at $1800 RRP, the Easton EC90 TKO wheelset is plenty competitive if you are looking for super fast Pista wheels!

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