Easton Havoc Wheelset Review

Havoc set 300x277 Easton Havoc Wheelset Review

The Easton Havoc wheelset is a real all-mountain dream wheelset. They are light enough at 1930 grams, with sturdy stainless steel spokes and a super-wide 28mm rim.  You can climb on these wheels without feeling like you’re dragging a tire behind you. You can descend with confidence, because the wide rims hold the trail and keep you upright over roots and rocks. Think all this comes at a price? Well, at $799 for a regular rider or one ready for an upgrade these are a good value indeed.

Trail Test

The Easton Havoc wheelset hit our technical trails first, and they didn’t disappoint.  On some of the rootiest trails known to mankind, they stayed stable and straight even at slow speeds. Clip a rock, and they want to jump back underneath the bike. If there was a downside, it was that they were a little stiff in the corners; it was hard to get the Havoc to keep rolling around a tight turn.

Next it was off to test out a Super-D course. Climbing up the fire road to the top, I appreciated the ‘light enough’ weight, and these wheels rolled sweetly uphill. On the descent, the rims really came into their own. With a little more speed than I had on the technical trails, these wheels cornered neatly, and stayed just as straight and stable on collisions with obstacles as they had on my more careful approaches to roots and rocks earlier in the day. There’s a downhill version of the Havoc wheelset, but for all but the most die-hard downhillers these wheels will keep you upright and confident on most trail descents. Simply put this is one of the most stable and forgiving wheelsets I’ve ridden.


If you want a delicate, feather-light race wheel for cross country, these are going to feel too sluggish for you.  But if you ride for epic trail adventures, and want to ride to the top of mountains, negotiate cliff-side traverses, and finish up with a screaming descent, then these all-around wheels are just perfect for you. At this price too, you are getting a bargain for a wheelset that is really ‘all-mountain’.

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