Easton XC Two-29 Wheelset

XCTwo29 set 300x277 Easton XC Two 29 Wheelset

The Easton XC Two-29 Wheelset is a reflection of how popular 29-inch wheels are becoming.  Used to be, there wasn’t much choice – now you can expect to find 29 inch wheels in pretty much every price range and for any mountain bike discipline. The Easton XC two-29 wheelset is a perfect wheelset for someone who is enjoying the 29-er experience, but want a little more speed than they can get form the stock wheels that came with their bike.  If you’re a die-hard 29-er, chances are you’ll be looking to get a bit more and spend a bit more, but the XC two-29s are still a pretty good option for their $449 price tag.

The Easton XC Two-29 is a cross-country wheelset.  At 1890 grams is light enough to be able to respectfully line up at the start. At the same time, you can expect 29-er stability, beefed up by the Easton rims.

Trail Test

We tested the Easton XC Two-29 wheelset at a mid week, rough-n-ready cross country race. Scruffy trails, plenty of roots, a few drop offs and some technical turns were balanced out with some sweeping berms, a few sharp climbs, and some wide open fast-as-you-can stretches.  Best of all, this is a no holds barred event.  To win here, you have to be pretty ruthless to get past and not get passed.

These wheels were up to the challenge. Perhaps a little slow off the start line, once on the trails their stability gave me confidence to really put the hammer down and take some chances, and the XC Two-29s didn’t let me down. With enough speed, they cornered smoothly, and this wheelset is rigid enough that even at slower speeds they stayed straight and upright, if a little stiff on the corners. Best of all, on 29-er wheels you feel a bit like you’re riding a truck – you can push right past the teeny 26 inchers, and on this wheelset you do it pretty fast too.


If you like a 29-inch wheel, then these are a great all-around wheelset.  We tested them under race conditions, and they were a blast.  They’d be just as much fun out on the trails. Strong, stable, and stiff, they are a pleasure to ride.  They are light enough that you can race with them, yet strong enough to take a pretty epic trail adventure. If a wheelset for under $500 can make you a better- and faster – rider, then the Easton XC two-29 might just be it.

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