Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset Review

Fulcrum Racing 7 Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset Review

The Fulcrum Racing 7 wheelset is the lowest priced entry level wheelset from the Fulcrum stable, and at around $260 dollars you can expect to find them as stock wheels on many complete bikes.  They are fast becoming one of the most popular stock wheels, but they shouldn’t be ignored as a wheelset in their own right.

You can’t really go wrong at this price.  Chances are of you are looking at these wheels you need a second set of training or wet weather wheels, and these wheels will need to compete with other wheelsets in this price range.  On the plus side, they look great – whether you go for the black or the black and red version – and they have some of Fulcrum’s innovative wheel-balancing technology like the Two-to-One rear wheel lacing for better transmission of power. On the down side, the spokes are round, not aero, and at 1930 grams this wheelset is seriously heavy.

Road Test

Under hard riding, the Fulcrum Racing Seven wheelset is very different from other low-price wheelsets like the Mavic Aksium.  The wheels roll smoothly – although the freewheel hub is remarkably noisy - and they didn’t have the flexion issues of the next level up Fulcrum Racing 5. There’s no way to get around it though, these are some heavy wheels.  They just don’t want to climb. They did hold their course on speedy descents, and stayed remarkably stable on rough surfaces – I can’t imagine these wheels are going to need regular trips to the truing stand.

All this made me think that maybe these wheels have a better place on the dirt, so I gave them a run on my cyclocross bike. This is where this wheelset really belongs.  They are tough enough for the rigors of any cross track, I didn’t worry about them if my remounts were a little rough, and after an several hours of hard ‘cross training they are still true. You don’t tend to freewheel much on a ‘cross course, so the freewheel buzz is much less noticeable.


Cyclocross riders looking for a tough, cheap wheelset should definitely give the Fulcrum Racing Seven a try.  Road riders who need a sturdy, reliable training wheelset won’t be disappointed, and if this is the wheelset you got with your complete bike purchase then you can be happy. You will probably want a lighter, faster wheelset when racing season comes, but for training or beginner road riders, there’s little to fault with the Fulcrum Racing 7. Get them on the dirt though on your ‘cross bike, and they really come into their own!

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