HED H3 Trispoke Wheelset

HED H3 Wheelset 300x219 HED H3 Trispoke Wheelset

HED H3 Wheels

When you really want to get aerodynamic, when you have your nose on your handlebars and every second counts, no deep section multi spoked wheel is going to do. That’s when serious against-the-clock riders start looking at disc wheels and tri-spokes. I’m not the biggest rider, and for me getting a disc up to speed and then staying on board when I hit a gust of wind is pretty challenging. When I need to slice through the air, I look for a tri spoke, and the one I want is the HED H3.

All about winning

I’m not the only one, either. The HED H3 is the most successful tri spoke for the pros, getting more riders onto the podium than anything else. Why? Because HED prides itself on perfect aerodynamics an any conditions, even with the blocks of a tri spoke. The HED H3 wheelset is the choice if you are shopping for a top class, super aerodynamic wheelset (or a front wheel to go with your disc), that won’t care if you hit gusts in an intersection or the wind picks up.

How does it work? Well, first, you have a base 55mm rim, which gives you all the perks of a mid section rim wheelset when it comes to lateral stiffness and minimal drag. Then three airplane wing shaped spokes deflect the cross winds off the rim and keep the wheel rolling. So, it’s not just a deep rim and some super aero spokes; it’s a perfect relationship between the two.

Racers only

The HED H3 wheelset is a race specific wheelset for against the clock specialists. They are designed to be the world leaders in one thing only, solo racing, and there is no other use for them. They aren’t super light (although at 1565g for the pair they aren’t that heavy either), they aren’t robust, but they are aero. If you want a little versatility, or don’t want the hassle of tubular, they do an alloy rim clincher version, but I honestly don’t know why. If you buy these wheels, you want to go really fast, and there’s no excuse to be on anything other than high pressure tubular. Little riders can get a 650 version, which I like, as smaller framed time trialists and triathletes will understand. At around $2300 for the pair, they aren’t too pricey for a serious racer.

So why not use them for other riding? Well, first of all, they are not forgiving. You’ll get a very fast, very stable, very responsive wheel, but you will feel every bump and pit in the road. Road vibrations will wear you out on longer rides, but hopefully you’ll get to the finish line faster so it all evens out. That rules these out for training rides for sure though. Why not road race on them? Well, these wheels are not made to corner, and they aren’t made to stop. If you ride tricky time trial or triathlon courses with crazy fast descents, then you might be better off with Zipp 808s, or at least something with a meaningful braking surface. But of you are going downhill, you probably went up, and that means you will want something lighter than the HED H3 wheels anyway. When it’s fast and flat, nothing is faster than the HED H3.

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