Mavic Comete Disc Wheel Review

mavic comete Mavic Comete Disc Wheel Review

Mavic Comete Disc Wheel

When you decide it’s time for a disc wheel, chances are you’re pretty serious about your biking, and you are happy to ride alone. The disc wheel is the ultimate upgrade for triathletes and road racers who want to move into time trials or stage races. Riding alone – you against the wind – is tough. There’s nowhere to hide, and no excuses. You really do need equipment that won’t let you down, and will carve out every precious second. The disc rear wheel can do just that.

However, disc wheels have their limitations, or at least they used too.  What you made up in aerodynamics you lost with extra weight. Disc wheels could be tough on hubs, and believe me, if that disc starts to wobble it can really throw you around, and waste all your power. Hit a cross wind – even a gentle breeze, and that disc becomes a liability. Last of all, disc wheels are always expensive – really expensive.

The new era of disc wheels

With the Comete, Mavic is trying to tackle the biggest challenge with disc wheels – too much weight. Once the disc is rolling, that weight adds to the momentum and doesn’t slow you down, but getting going – or dragging that disc wheel up a hill, and you really notice the extra weight. Not with the Comete – at only 1150g (1440g with the Mavic-supplied tire), this is a disc wheel that can compete with spoked carbon wheels, yet give you all the aero advantages of the solid disc. So how do they do it, without sacrificing strength and reliability?

Super aero design

First of all, the weight the wheel does carry is tempered by clever asymmetrical design.  Not unique to Mavic’s discs, it is still an essential ingredient in a top class disc. For tech fans, notice the paracular drive side and the lenticular non-drive side to maximize smooth air flow. By manipulating the surface of the disc this way, the wheel actually creates negative wind resistance at speed – meaning it actually pushes you along.

The carbon disc walls are super light, but the high mod fiber walls use a honeycomb weave to maintain strength. An aluminum axle isn’t what you’d normally expect to find on a wheel like this, but it gives the wheel additional stability.

You get what you pay for

There’s no doubt the Comete is a disc wheel that can hold its own at Kona Ironman or a ProTour time trial. For riders at that level, the price will be nothing to think about, but for your average triathlete, or a road racer just starting out in stage races, it’s a big commitment. The price itself is only part of the problem – a disc wheel is a highly specialized piece of equipment – it’s not for training, it’s not for road racing or long group rides.  This wheel – admittedly a first class race wheel – is going to be a lot of money that sits in your garage except for race days. But if you are really ready to add a disc to your wheel collection, you won’t go wrong with the Comete. And of course, at this price, you can expect to get everything you need – a valve extender, a wheel bag, and even brake pads come included!

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