Mavic Aksium Wheelset Review

Mavic Aksium Mavic Aksium Wheelset Review

The Aksium is Mavic’s entry level wheelset, but even so Mavic hasn’t cut corners and on the Aksiums you can expect much of Mavic’s race-winning technology.  Straight-pull aero spokes give these wheels competitive aerodynamics, Mavic’s durability, and even at 1795 grams for the wheelset they aren’t the heaviest for the price.  And the price is the best part – at only $250 for the wheelset (clincher only), you really can’t go wrong with the Mavic Aksium for solid, reliable training wheels.

Tried and True

One thing about the Mavic Aksium – it’s hard to get these wheels out of true.  Despite their reliability, these sturdy wheels have Mavic hubs and you can count on them to run smoothly for hundreds of miles.  When they don’t, the hubs and bearing are easily serviced.

Road Test

These aren’t meant to be race wheels. They are tough, all season training wheels, so that’s how I tested them. My Aksium wheelset has been used for hundreds of miles of training rides in all weather, and on some pretty dubious road surfaces.  They’ve been put on my wife’s bike for her commute, and she even used them for cyclocross races. I’ve used them with the ‘cross tires to do a little off-roading in the woods with the dog.  There’s really not much we didn’t ask these wheels to do.  And through it all, they stayed true.

If there’s a down side to the Aksium wheelset, it’s the weight.  They may be Mavics, but they are, well, heavy. But for the price, what did you expect?


The Mavic Aksium wheelset is ‘fit for purpose’.  It’s not aero, it’s not light, and you aren’t going to cross the finish line first with them.  But if you want a decent wheelset for training and winter riding, and you want a wheelset that won’t let you down, end up always on the truing stand, and will last for what seems like forever, then the Aksium wheelset is a great choice.  Best of all, it won’t drain your bank account.

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