Mavic C29ssmax Wheelset

Mavic C29ssmax Wheelset Mavic C29ssmax Wheelset

Mavic C29ssmax Wheelse

29er Mountain bikes introduced a much needed extra dimension into mountain biking.  For years, there was one option only when it came to all terrain wheel, and that was the 26 inch stalwart.  The feeling seemed to be, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Then along came the 29er wheel and showed everyone that there may have been an element of complacency from those of us who couldn’t see past the traditional mountain bike wheel.  The 29er wheel introduced a subtle but wholly different riding experience.  The main benefit of 29er wheels is how they deal with obstacles.  29ers seem to roll more effortlessly over roots and rocks, and maintain their momentum better, giving a great feeling of flow and stability.

The fun of the 29er

As far as 29er wheels go, Mavic C29ssmax are some of the best out there.  The Mavic 29er wheels benefit, as you would expect, from some of the technology associated with their top end wheelsets.  The hubs are equipped with the top of the line QRM+ cartridge bearings which roll beautifully optimizing the inertia advantages of the 29er wheel.  Stylish black anodized aluminum Zircal spokes are laced in Mavic’s Isopulse pattern in the rear, 2 cross at the front.  The rim has been manufactured utilizing Mavic’s SUP, which means the rim join is welded and then milled for a clean finish.  The combination makes for a strong and stiff wheel with great absorption characteristics.

C29ssmax Test Ride

I have ridden the C29ssmax on a hard tail mountain bike and the ride quality feels more like a cross country full suspension bike.  Climbing is smooth, and the wheels proved to be responsive under power.  They are most at home on flowing single track where the enhanced absorption complements the 29er wheels ability to maintain momentum, giving sublime ride quality and flow.

Conclusion: Great value

At $775 the C29ssmax is an excellent value wheelset. At 1750 grams, there are lighter wheelsets out there, but you will pay considerably more for them for a less noticeable improvement in performance.  And the C29ssmax is a great all round performer that would not look out of place in a cross country race, but will stand the rigors of all mountain use.  These wheels come highly recommended.

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