Mavic Cosmic Carbone 80 Wheelset

mavic cosmic carbone 80 212x300 Mavic Cosmic Carbone 80 Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic Carbone 80 Wheelset

Mavic’s Cosmic wheelsets already have a following by road and cyclocross racers, but this year Mavic is really taking the Cosmic stable to a new level.  There’s more to choose from – admittedly all very good wheels at prices only serious racers would consider – but there is a wider variety than ever before. The Carbone Ultimate wheelset may be the star of the stable, but the other Mavic carbon wheelsets deserve a fair look too, and the best of the rest has to be the Carbone 80 wheelset.

Super aerodynamics

Mavic claims the Carbone 80 wheelset is the most aerodynamic of the bunch (apart from the disc, of course). Hours and hours of wind tunnel testing, and the new combined Mavic wheel and tire system makes for a fast and stiff wheelset that cuts through the air like no other. It might just be the fastest wheelset in the Mavic stable.

The 80mm deep section rims boast elliptical sidewalls to smooth air flow at speed, and ultra thin steel bladed spokes look as aero as they ride, but it comes at a price, and that price is extra weight. At 1750g for the wheelset, there are lighter wheelsets around, but what you add in weight you make up for in improved aerodynamics and excellent stability and durability. Add top end cartridge bearings from Mavic and you have a wheel that rolls as well as it glides.

Race and train

Mavic’s Carbone series isn’t known for being cheap – and at $2700 these wheels will attract only serious racers.  But Mavic has figured out that while riders will pay a lot for a good wheelset, they won’t do it over and over again.  Like the Carbone Ultimates, Mavic has built the Carbone 80 wheelset to be durable enough for everyday use as well as a being a great looking ultra fast wheelset for race day. To make the Carbone 80s even better as training wheels, this year Mavic has added a set of reflective decals that flash under headlights – making these wheels ideal for winter training rides.

So, if you are ready to spend over $2500 on a wheelset to take you flying across the finish line, but that would leave you with nothing left for a training wheelset, then the Cosmic Carbone 80 is perfect for you. You can trust these wheels to keep you safe and steady on dark winter training rides, then put you on the podium during your season’s big races. Plus, you’ll never be left wondering if you’ve brought the right wheels – these wheels are perfect for anywhere.

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