Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR Wheelset

If you are looking at Mavic’s Cosmic Carbone stable of wheelsets, chances are you’re a serious race rider looking for a serious race wheel. Mavic has really raised the bar with their Cosmic Carbone series this year, and they’ve got a top class wheelset for almost every specification.  Best of all, none of the wheelsets in the Carbone series (except for the disc wheel) are one-trick ponies – these wheelsets are designed to train as well as race, and climb as well as sprint.

The lightweight of the group

Being lightweight is a good thing among wheelsets, and at under 1600g, the Carbone SLR tips the scales as gently as other Carbones, and in fact more gently than most other top end wheelsets on the market. Despite shaving off the grams, the Carbone SLR wheelset still carries the best of Mavic technology.

This year Mavic is offering a unique wheel-tire combination product – add Mavic’s specially designed tires to these wheels, and you’ll get optimal stability and minimal rolling resistance. For serious riders clocking high mileage, there’s no worry about these feather-light wheels letting you down – Mavic’s Exalith alloy braking system will keep you steady on tricky descents, even in wet conditions, and might just give you a little more confidence than an all-carbon braking surface.

Aerodynamic too

Mavic’s Carbone wheelset technology doesn’t stop at strength and stability – they’ve applied the very best of Mavic innovations to make these wheels slice through the air. Not that they need too, with wheels as light as these, the 52mm rims, integrated ‘rim to rim’ aero spokes, and low profile hub caps all add up to a very speedy wheel.

At around $2275, these wheels need to be something special to compete, and once you start spending over $2000 there are lighter wheels to be found.  That said, the carbon-aluminum mix on the Carbone SLR gives this wheelset the enough durability to not only ride on race day, but to put in the miles as your training wheelset as well. Although the light spoke count may look delicate, the ‘rim to rim’ design spreads the load and actually reduces spoke breakage. If you are ready for a top end racing wheel, but this price rules out getting a spare set of training wheels, then don’t worry, the Cosmic Carbone SLR wheelset really can do it all.

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