Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR Wheelset

If you’ve been admiring Mavic’s top of the line Carbone Ultimate, but it’s a little too pricey for you – or you can’t justify a specialist race wheelset in your stable - then take a look at the Cosmic Carbone SR wheelset.  You’ll get all the technological excellence of the Ultimate for less, and there are some other perks too.

The Ultimate’s little brother

The Mavic Cosmic Carbone SR wheelset is just about as aero as the Ultimate, and when you look at the two wheelsets side by side it’s easy to see the Ultimate in the SR’s ancestry. 52mm elliptical rims, integrated super aero spokes, low profile hub caps; all the aero features of the Ultimate are here too. There’s plenty of carbon – even the spokes – to keep the weight down, and at 1600g the Cosmic Carbone SR wheelset will hold its own on climbs and on race day.

So what’s the difference?  First of all, there’s the price. For $1000 less than the Ultimate wheelset  - the SRs sell for $2000 – you are getting just about all the perks of the Ultimate but with a lot of added convenience.

Perfect training partner

You might ask what you lose to save the extra dollars, and of course there is a little extra weight.  However, much of that added weight is for the clincher rims.  Not a bad thing, when you consider you are getting just about all the aero benefits of the Ultimate but with the convenience of a clincher wheel.  If your race wheelset also has to double as your training wheelset, then going for clinchers makes a lot of sense.  There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a flat out on a long ride when you’re gluing your tubular tires – opt for fast clinchers like these and you’ll make fewer phone calls for a ride.

These wheels make a sensible training wheelset for other reasons too.  Despite the racy looks, this is one tough set of wheels.  Like all the new Mavic wheelsets for 2011, you get the ultra-sharp braking surface, and even when tested on some rough and bumpy roads, these wheels stay stable and true. The spokes are integrated at one end only, making servicing simple. If you can have only one wheelset to do everything, or you are looking for a top-end training wheelset that can double up in the wheel car, then look no further; the Cosmic Carbone SR wheelset is a perfect choice.

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