Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Wheelset Review

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Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Wheelset

Serious road racers are always looking for the perfect road wheel, and they are prepared to pay dearly for it.  If that sounds like you, look no further, the Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate wheelset is perfect for you. If you want to ride fast, win finishing sprints, and climb like a mountain goat, the Carbone Ulitmate wheelset meets all of your needs.  Finally, Mavic has produced a wheelset that really can do it all. After all, can you name any other wheelset that’s carried riders to UCI world championships, the Tour de France Polka Dot jersey, and so much more?  Don’t be surprised if you see it in the cyclocross world championships too…

Mavic Technology

The Carbone Ultimate is part of Mavic’s latest stable of technological and practical advances.  It’s designed as a wheel and tire system – the rims are specifically designed to work perfectly with Mavic supplied ultra light tires.  Keep to their system, and you’ve got a perfectly matched set of wheels with tires that are stable, won’t wobble, and have minimal rolling resistance.

Ultra light and looks good too

At only 1185 grams for the wheelset, you won’t find many wheelsets that come lighter. And even though it’s lighter than air, this wheelset gives you the aerodynamic advantage of 40mm rims, and flat profile all-carbon spokes. Where many ultra-light wheels are questionable when it comes to strength, that’s not the case for the Carbone Ultimates – Mavic’s ‘rim to rim’ (R2R) spoke design reduces the number of spokes, virtually eliminates spoke nipples, but increases traction resistance and reduces the risk of breakage. The result? The stiffest, strongest and just about the lightest wheelset on the market.

The Ultimate multi-tasker

Because the Carbone Ultimate is light, stiff, and strong, there really isn’t anywhere you won’t want to use them.  They’ll roll sweetly up big climbs, stay stable on fast descents, cope with most potholes and bumps, and transfer every ounce of power for that race winning sprint.  Cyclocross riders too are picking up the Carbone Ultimate wheelset –not afraid of a few bumps and mud pits, and able to handle running remounts yet fly across grass, this really is a wheelset for all uses. At $2999, it’s a pricey wheelset, but if takes away the need to have multiple wheelsets in your garage for each ride or race, then it might just work out a sensible option for most serious riders. And of course, with wheels that look and ride this good you’ll never want to leave them at home anyway!

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