Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic Elite Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic Elite Wheelset

Mavic’s 2011 wheelset stable is all about speed. Every wheel in the Cosmic range is super light and super fast. Each one comes with a fantastic package of new technology to make each wheelset stiff, strong, and light. So how do you choose which is right for you?

With such a wide selection of super fast, super light wheels, many serious racers will overlook the Cosmic Elite. It’s not all about aero, like the Mavic wheelsets with deeper rims. The Cosmic Elite’s 30mm rim doesn’t even look as fast as its deep-section cousins, let alone can it catch them. It’s not the lightest wheel in the bunch either, although it tips the scales at a respectable 1770g. You do get Mavic’s clean, low-profile hub caps, and bladed spokes, but this wheel really isn’t all about slicing the air.

So what’s the point?

It’s simple. This wheelset really just squeaks in to earning the Cosmic title. It’s a perfectly good wheelset, but serious racers won’t find it fast enough or light enough. For the rest of us though, the $600 price tag makes this a very accessible way to have a Cosmic in your wheelset collection. And let’s be fair, for many new racers, this wheel is strong, tough, perfect for training, and perfectly suitable for entry level races.  Even top racers might want to give the Cosmic Elite a second look – it’s not a lot of money for a spare set of training wheels, or a set for the wheel car on race day.

Perfect training partner

For the price, it would be hard to find a better wheelset.  You still get some neat Mavic technology, such as super-true locking spoke nipples, and some truly excellent bearings. You can expect these wheels to take a beating day after day on long training rides and hold up just fine. Mavic has battled a somewhat dubious reputation for durability with some new innovations, but also a much enhanced warranty scheme that is well worth taking up for a training wheelset that you will spin for miles season after season.  Sure, some entry level racers and triathletes may roll out on the Cosmic Elites – and some lucky riders will find them issued with good quality new bikes – but these wheels are really at home as a tough, good quality, and perfectly speedy training wheelset.

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