Mavic Crossline Wheelset

Mavic Crossline Wheelset Mavic Crossline Wheelset

Mavic Crossline Wheelset

Mavic is certainly taking its line of mountain bike wheelsets very seriously. From entry level all-rounders to specialist wheels for race and air, there is a good quality, affordable wheel for everyone. Frankly, with the range of wheelsets Mavic has, there’s no excuse not to have the perfect set of wheels for whatever you are going to ask your mountain bike to do today. The Mavic Crossline is one of those specialist sets of wheels, but like most of the others, Mavic has added a few perks to make these wheels more versatile than they look.

Bargain enduro wheelset

If you like to ride all day – and sometimes all night too - then you ought to be thinking about an enduro-specific wheelset.  You want a wheel that is robust enough to take the rigors of pounding the trails hour after hour, yet light enough not to wear you out and drag you back on climbs. You need all the technology at Mavic’s disposal to make your wheels roll and effortlessly as possible, yet be stiff enough transfer power instantly and corner sharply.

Look no further. For only $399, the Mavic Crossline wheelset is the answer to all your needs.  At 2055g, it is light enough that climbing shouldn’t be an issue. The  ITS-4 freewheel rolls smoothly at rest, yet kicks in instantly under power; combined with Mavic’s trademark QRM cartridge bearing hubs,  the meat of these wheels is fast, smooth, and responsive. Self lock spokes stay true under most conditions, keeping you riding more and at the truing stand less.

So much more

Mavic doesn’t like its specialist wheels to get stuck in a rut.  They like to add a few features here and there to let their wheelsets have a little variety. Again, the Crossline wheelset can pretty much do it all, although admittedly the enduro course is  it where it will really excel.  Even so, these wheels are stiff and light enough to perform respectably on the cross country race loops. They are strong enough for some drops and jumps, and there’s no reason why free-riders can’t give them a run on the flow lines and the north shore. If you are a trail rider, the Mavic Crossline wheelset is a perfect mix of light weight, strength, and stability to let you ride confidently into the wilderness to seek out the very best singletrack. This may be an enduro wheelset, but it would be shame if that’s all they did.

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