Mavic CrossMax SL Disc – Review

Mavic CrossMax SL Disc 300x265 Mavic CrossMax SL Disc – Review

Mavic CrossMax SL Disc

If you are looking for a wheel set for cross-country riding, you don’t need to look further than the Mavic CrossMax SL Disc. The wheels are designed especially for cross-country riding and you will have a wonderful experience when you use them for that purpose. However, there is much more to this wheel set than simply cross-country riding. One look over the following features and specifications and you will know why this is the perfect all-around wheel set.

The Lightest Wheels Ever
The distinctive feature of the Mavic CrossMax SL Disc is the weight of the wheels. The wheels are among the lightest you will find on the market and will take your bike to the next level. If you are looking to upgrade your bicycle, this wheel set is a perfect choice.

The weight in the front is 770g and in the rear its 990g. The light weight reduces the spin on the wheels, offering better control and weight balance. Plus, you have the option of choosing between tube and non-tube. You don’t need to use rim tape if you opt for the tubeless tires.

Perfect for Cross-Country Riding

As mentioned above, the Mavic CrossMax SL Disc is designed specifically for cross-country riding. This does restrict the traction and momentum you can generate on jumps and big drops. However, apart from that, you can ride your bike on this wheel set on any surface or terrain. Yet, you will experience the best of these wheels when you are riding cross-country.

Adjustable & Removable Components

The important components of the wheel set, including the bearings and the hub, are adjustable and even removable. They are sturdy and stable, but you can change their position or remove them altogether should the need arise. There is also a wheel magnet thrown in for good measure in case you want to use a cycle computer.

The Price

Priced around $800, the Mavic CrossMax SL Disc wheel set is economical and affordable. For one, it is a top of the line product and could have been priced higher. Considering that it is at $800, you won’t find a better wheel set in this price range, especially for cross-country riding. It’s all the more reason for you to check it out.

The Mavic CrossMax SL Disc wheel set is a high-quality product from Mavic. It is quite clear from the specs that it is designed for high-performance and is a cut above other wheel sets from the company. Highly recommended!

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