Mavic Crossmax SLR Wheelset

Mavic Crossmax SLR Wheelset Mavic Crossmax SLR Wheelset

Mavic Crossmax SLR Wheelset

For some time now, Crossmax SR wheelset has been known as the gold standard in lightweight cross country wheels.  It has, in the past, been a go-to wheel of choice for mountain bikers looking for a very light and fast wheel set that has a high level of durability and flexibility of use.  The new and improved Crossmax SLR delivers these features in abundance.

SR features at even less grams

The Improved Inter Spoke Milling to the rim sidewalls means that the rim of the SLR has been trimmed to a mere 380g.  The wheelset total weight is 1500g with the front weighing 670g and the rear 830g, which would be highly respectable figures for a road racing wheelset.  There are 24 spokes in both front and rear wheels, and while that might not sound like very much, the double-butted straight pull Zircal spokes are laced with a combination of cross-two and radial in the rear (known as Isopulse lacing) and cross-two in the front.  This makes a solid combination, and one that saw my 200+lb through a full season of racing and riding without any need to true.

The rims  themselves are designed so that they are  asymmetric, which means they are better able to accommodate the spokes of differing lengths that are used to lace both sides of the wheel.  This means the wheel is better equipped to deal with all the many and varied forces the trail throws at it.  The rims are tubeless compatible, although they are equally at home with tubes,  which is handy, especially if you puncture your tubeless tires.

Jack of all trades

The Mavic Crossmax SLR wheelset rides extremely well in a variety of situations.  I felt the benefit of them most when climbing as their lightweight, responsive feel really comes to the fore.  The acceleration and nimbleness you get from the SLR is hard to beat, but they are also durable and will easily absorb the rigors of technical trail riding and descending.  However, if serious downhilling is your passion, you would want to consider a more robust wheelset, as lightweight features are not of so much concern to you with gravity on your side.

As you would expect, the wheels look the part, with the stand out features being the black anodized spokes and the oversized aluminum hubs which are  anodized in red. The wheelset also comes with some options, including quick release or through-axle versions, and disc options for either CenterLock rotor mounting or ISO 6 Bolt mounting. Not bad for a wheelset at around $999.

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