Mavic CrossMax ST – Review

Mavic CrossMax ST 300x297 Mavic CrossMax ST – Review

Mavic CrossMax ST

A smooth set of wheels that provide durability and stability, the Mavic CrossMax ST is a great everyday choice for bicycle riders. It is a top of the line wheel set designed to enhance your cross-country riding experience while providing adequate weight control at the same time. There are a number of features that make this wheel set the right choice for you.

Lighter than the Weight

The wheels weigh 1595g, but feel much lighter.  The main reason they feel this way is because of the upgraded four-pawl ITS-4 alloy free hub design of the wheel set. With the new design, the angle of engagement is down to 7.5from around 10o .  You will note the difference once you start pedaling your bike.

Ideal for Cross-Country Racing

Like other Mavic wheel sets, the CrossMax ST is great for cross-country racing. The lightweight feel of the wheels coupled with the free hub design really make it one of the best wheels on the market.

Enjoy Endurance Riding

It is not just in cross-country racing that you will enjoy the superior performance of the Mavic CrossMax ST wheel set. It is equally suitable for endurance events. You can try the wheels on long trails without worrying about a dip in performance. Despite endurance events not being their main purpose, the wheels hold up remarkably well over long distances.

Drop it like there’s No Tomorrow

The main features are remarkable, but one cannot overlook the most distinctive feature of this wheel set. Adding it to your bike makes it possible for you to take 4 or 5-feet jumps and drops without any issues. The stability is excellent and so is the durability. The wheel set holds up superbly, even with the impact of the weight on a steep drop. The hubs remain in tip-top shape and there is no deterioration in performance either.

The Components

The rim used in the CrossMax ST is 19mm, just like that used by Mavic in the SLR version. There is a difference in weight though as this one weighs 35g less. There are 24 straight-gauge spokes, providing the extra stiffness required by larger riders. In addition, the free hub design allows you to adjust the axles any way you want.

The Verdict

Keeping all the features of the Mavic CrossMax ST in mind, the $800 price tag isn’t steep at all. In fact, you can say that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Overall, this is a great wheel set for everyday use, particularly if you are into racing, because it works perfectly well for cross-country and endurance events!

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