Mavic Crossmax ST Wheelset Review

mavic crossmax st wheelset 300x259 Mavic Crossmax ST Wheelset ReviewIf you are looking for great value and a top class performance wheel set, you could do a great deal worse than looking at the Mavic range of wheels. And the place to look for the best value? It rather depends on the type of wheel you are looking for, but look at wheelsets one or two levels below the top. Here you usually find wheels that benefit from a great deal of the technology and innovation poured into the top or pro-level wheelsets, without having a pro-level price tag. In fact, the differences are often subtle and negligible.

Cheaper, Light, Strong

So it is with the Crossmax ST. It sits beneath the top-of-the-line Crossmax SLR, but shares a lot of similarities, although there are small differences which make the ST a slightly heavier, but more adaptable wheelset. Weighing in at 1615 grams, the Crossmax ST is a lightweight mountain bike wheel, compared with 1500 grams for the Crossmax SLR.

Mavic Design

The rim on the ST is slightly wider at 23mm than the SLR rim. This allows the tire a slightly wider bed to grip, improving tire profile which in turn improves traction. I noticed this difference between the ST and the SLR version particularly in fast, tight turns. The ST added a noticeable increase in sidewall stability allowing fast and stable cornering. The chance of pinch flats is also greatly reduced, should you chose to run a conventional tube and tire set up rather than tubeless. The strength and stability of this wheel makes it suitable for almost any use from cross country racing to all-mountain use. The strength and stiffness of the ST, coupled with its lightness make it a pleasure to climb on. And coming back down the hill, the ST took some fairly big hits with no sign of flex, and no need to hit the truing stand after we had finished.

Crossmax Options

The Crossmax ST is also adaptable in terms of the purchasing options that Mavic provides. It comes in a 6-Bolt or Center Lock rotor mount version; there are also two front wheel options: a 20mm thru-axle version or a front wheel that is convertible from standard quick release to a 15QR thru-axle. You also have the option of purchasing Mavic’s M3 plan with the wheelset which will provide you with 2 years of no-fault damage protection – a must have for wheels like these, and good value for coverage that will replace or repair your wheelset almost regardless of the source of damage.


The Crossmax ST is a wheel with some great attributes. Strong, adaptable and great value for money. If you can have only one wheelset for your mountain bike, the Mavic Crossmax ST could be an excellent choice.

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