Mavic Crossride Disc Wheelset

Mavic Crossride Disc Wheelset Mavic Crossride Disc Wheelset

Mavic Crossride Disc Wheelset

Given the opportunity to choose mountain bike wheels, I confess Mavic aren’t often my first choice.  On the road, sure, Mavic wheels are top of my list, but off road I’ve often looked for names that are really linked to trails and tracks. Recently though, it was explained to me how misinformed I was. Mavic has been making top quality wheels for over fifteen years, and the mountain line ranks right up there with the esteemed road wheels. Now, with the chance to try some Mavic mountain wheels, I had to see if what I was hearing was for real.

Features of Mavic’s top-end wheelsets

Enter the Mavic Crossride Disc wheelset.  Right out of the shop it was obvious that this wheelset carries a full set of Mavic technology and recent innovations. These wheels roll sweetly on Mavic’s QRM cartridge bearings. The rims looked clean and tough, and I couldn’t spot any obvious weak points in either spokes or nipples – in fact the straight pull spokes looked like a wise application of that design to a mountain wheel.  I was surprised I hadn’t seen it more often. At a combined wheelset weight of only 1905g, there was little to be skeptical about. Plus, they looked great. I almost didn’t want to get them dirty.

Trail test

But get them dirty I did, and it was a blast. The Mavic Crossride Disc wheelset was just as stable and robust as it looked. After several rides, on rocks, roots, through thick sticky mud, over skinnies, see-saws and bridges, even playing around with getting a little air and some clumsy drops, these wheels spun true. There was no sign of any weakness in spoke tension, and I never felt any flex in the rim. If anything, they were maybe a little too rigid – for  a rider like me that doesn’t always choose the best line, these wheels could be a little unforgiving, but they certainly held up through all of my mistakes.

The Mavic Crossride Disc wheelset really comes into its own when you hit a smooth section of flowing singletrack – I could imagine choosing these wheels for cross country racing as much as for trail.  Fast, smooth, and very responsive, these wheels make an ideal all-rounder for someone who wants to race as well as just ride.

Riding for hours was a little jarring at times, but these wheels were light enough, and responsive enough to make up for the trail jolts. Climbing was smooth, and the wheels were stiff enough to transfer all my climbing effort straight to the trail. While I wouldn’t recommend them for enduro – they’ll last the rigors of the trail for sure, but they might wear you out a little – these wheels are a true all-mountain wheelset that is nimble enough for cross country racing too. Believe me, when I found out this wheelset could be had for around $300 (or even less if you shop around a bit) I couldn’t believe it. This versatile wheelset is a bargain, and rides as well as – or even better than - much more expensive wheelsets.

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