Mavic Crosstrail Wheelset

Mavic Crosstrail Wheelset Mavic Crosstrail Wheelset

Mavic Crosstrail Wheelset

Browse through Mavic’s range of mountain bike wheels, and a few things stand out. One, they are remarkably affordable. Second, there’s a wheel for every purpose. Last of all, all those specialist wheels are designed to do some work elsewhere too. Mavic’s downhill wheels are light enough for some all-mountain duty. The enduro wheels can survive some freeride hits. And the race wheels – like the Crosstrail wheelset – can enjoy an outing on the singletrack.

Super light but loaded with perks

There’s no doubt though that the Mavic Crosstrail wheelset is designed for cross country racing.  At only 1685g, they are lighter than a lot of road wheels at the same price - only $599 for the pair. But race performance isn’t just about being lightweight.  Mavic has made sure these wheels will get you on the podium with some serious innovations; stuff you expect on race wheels for the road but which often gets overlooked for speedsters on the trails. Asymmetrical rim design gives stability and power transfer, and allows for Mavic’s ISM machining on the rim to shave off grams.  Tubeless compatibility gives better stability and sharper cornering. Straight pull bladed spokes bring an element of aerodynamics –if you can go fast enough.  Mavic’s trademark QRM cartridge bearings make another appearance here to keep you rolling smoothly without any wasted effort juts to keep the wheels turning. Best of all, they look fantastic.

So what else can they do?

The Mavic Crosstrail wheelset wouldn’t belong in the Mavic stable if it were just a race wheelset, no matter how fast it is. Now, don’t expect to take these wheels flying off drops or to the freeride park, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay at home when it’s not race day. If you like to hit the trails and love to fly along the singletrack, then don’t be afraid to hitch up the Crosstrail for a day out. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of the super light weight, especially if mountain tops are your destination, but the ride back down can be just as fun.

For 2011, all of Mavic’s mountain bike wheels show just how expert Mavic is at knowing just where to take off the weight.  Maxtal aluminum rims can take a pretty good beating from rocks and roots, and Mavic’s FTS-X free wheels are extremely friction resistant, meaning you can pile on the miles with minimal wear. The rim joints are milled for an ultra-smooth finish, which means that unlike a lot of cross country race specific wheels, you can brake the Crosstrail hard without shudder. Tubeless compatibility lets you change lines sharply and corner hard, but you can also go with tubes and tires if you expect to replace a lot of flats on your route.


Simply put, if you like to ride fast at the races and on the trails, you won’t do better than the Mavic Crosstrail wheelset, at least not for the price.

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