Mavic Deemax Wheelset Review

Mavic Deemax Wheelset Mavic Deemax Wheelset Review

Mavic Deemax Wheelset

Road bikers talk about having to buy several sets of specialist wheels – they complain about needing race wheels, training wheels, disc and aero wheels, light ones for climbing and so on. But when it comes down to it, their needs are no more specific than mountain bikers when it comes to wheelsets.  Every now and then you end up with a bike configuration that really needs a special wheelset, and the Mavic Deemax wheelset is one of those – and one that takes its specialist role very seriously.

A 12x150 wonder horse

The Mavic Deemax is all about long travel frames. If you fly down the flow lines, leap off the end of north shores, or speed recklessly downhill, then chances are you are riding a bike with a fair bit of travel.  You want a wheel that can take the hits, stay stable and keep on rolling. The technology applied to the Deemax wheelset is an endless read. Super smooth QRM cartridge bearings, and spoke technology that increases compliance, allows Mavic to shave off unnecessary grams, yet keep the wheels stiff and strong. The Mavic Deemax wheelset also has a UST Tubeless ™ compatible rim for traction and control.

Astonishingly light

Tough wheelsets for long travel bikes are not traditionally known for being lightweight. Generally, the assumption is they’ll spend most of their time going downhill, so inertia isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But what if you want to ride your long travel frame to the top of the hill?  Or you love to get out into the mountains to find the really screaming descents? Well, the Mavic Deemax wheelset will take care of you, if of course you consider 2210g a light wheelset (which, for long-travel bikes, it’s light as a feather).

Downhillers and freeriders shouldn’t scoff at this lightweight wheelset.  The rims may be light, but they are wide to spread the load – and the impact – and they’ll take the jumps and drops. All Mavic has done is take away the aluminum where it’s not needed, leaving you with a strong, light rim. And let’s face it, you may not plan to climb, but you will want to accelerate, and a light wheel will speed up faster.  Add Mavic’s QRM bearings, and you can feel sure that if you’re gunning for a jump, these wheels will get you to take off a whole lot quicker than a heavier wheelset. Okay, it comes at a price; the Mavic Deemax wheelset will set you back around $995, but if you are already investing in the specialist world of downhill and freeride, you might as well invest in a specialist wheelset.

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