Mavic Ksyrium Elite Review

Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheelset 300x300 Mavic Ksyrium Elite ReviewThe Mavic Ksyrium Elite sits one place below the Ksyrium SL in the Mavic wheelset pecking order. This means that the Ksyrium Elite benefits from much of the technology poured into the top of the range Ksyrium SL, but it also comes in at a highly competitive price point of around $650.

Light, Almost SL Light

At just 1550 grams, the Ksyrium Elite wheelset is very light, with the Kysrium SL weighing in at 1485 grams. The main difference between the Elite and the SL is that the Elite has steel bladed spokes, rather than the lighter Zircal alloy used in the SL, and the SLs feature a carbon hub body. Other than that, it is difficult to tell the two wheelsets apart.

Versatile Wheels

The result is a highly versatile wheel. Although the spoke count is relatively low (18 front and 20 rear), the Ksyrium’s reputation for being bomb proof is well founded. We tested these wheels for almost every cycling purpose you could imagine. Training rides, commuting, cyclocross. We even road raced on them. The beauty of the Ksyrium Elite is that you can have a relatively affordable wheelset that is light enough to race on, yet tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday bicycling. In cyclocross races, the Ksyrium feels highly stable and absorbs the roots and rocks of a fairly technical course very well. In addition to that, we were pleasantly surprised to find that even after half a dozen races, there was no need to book the wheelset into the local bike shop to have them trued.

Ride Report

The hubs on the Elite feel buttery smooth, and roll extremely well on the flats. On the climbs, the Ksyrium Elite is stiff and responsive, whilst it feels stable and strong on the descents. The braking surface on the Elite is the same SUP machined finish you will find on all of Mavic’s clincher rims, and it provides consistent braking even on long technical descents.


Admittedly, there are lighter wheelsets out there, but at this price point, the Ksyriums Elites are extremely hard to beat. If you need just one wheelset that will do it all for you, it is well worth considering getting a pair. They would also be an extremely worthwhile upgrade from the wheelset that came with your bike. And if you are considering bike racing, but don’t want to spend your life savings on equipment, the Ksyrium Elite will offer race level performance at a reasonable price.

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