Mavic Ksyrium SL Review

Mavic Ksyrium SL1 Mavic Ksyrium SL ReviewMavic sets the bar for road wheels with their Ksyrium SL wheelset. Year after year, Mavic develops and refines its technology and upgrades and renews the Ksyrium SL and the Ksyrium Elite wheelsets. Using an array of technologies, this wheelset delivers race proven performance at value oriented price.

Ksyrium SL Weight Reduced

The 2009 Ksyrium SL flexes Mavic’s technological wizardry by making grams disappear. An incredible 140g per pair are lost and with the additional loss of 35g with updated skewers, it’s over a 10% reduction in weight for the Ksyrium SLs and the Ksyrium Elites. The SL model differentiate itself from the Elite model by 65g, mostly from the carbon front hub body and the use of Zircal alloy spokes instead of aluminum.

Wheelset Ride Quality

The ride quality of these wheels emphasizes reliability and performance. The ISM rims make every push start snappy by reducing inertia. The Isopulse lacing design optimizes energy transfer. The smooth inner rim surface makes the rims road tubeless compatible for enhanced road feel and reduced rolling resistance. The milled braking surface improves braking and reduces shuddering at high speed. The wheelset incorporates a full array of Mavic technology.

Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels meet the challenges of a rigorous racing, training, and touring schedule. Now that they’re stiffer, accelerate faster, climb better, and handle more confidently they make a key part of any successful ride. The Elite level includes almost all of these improvements at lower price at the expense of a few grams and some material differences. Either version of this wheelset makes a great all around wheelset.

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