Mavic Ksyrium SR Wheelset

Mavic Ksyrium SR Mavic Ksyrium SR Wheelset

Mavic Ksyrium SR Wheelset

With so many features in Mavic's 2011 line from the Cosmic Carbone collection, it’s easy to forget about the old –school Ksyriums.  Long ago, the Ksyriums were an aspiration of many entry level racers, and you’d see them out on the road, in races, and in triathlon – sometimes levered into some very fine bikes indeed. The Ksyrium has some pretty tough competition from the Cosmic Carbone line, but it still deserves some respect.

Top end technology

The Ksyrium SR wheelset may not have all the fancy frills of Mavic’s top end line, but it has some pretty clever science nonetheless. Ksyrium wheelsets rely on Mavic’s Tracomp technology package.  And it’s no slouch – expect stiffness, stability, and superb power transfer. Reinforced tubular carbon spokes on traditionally trustworthy Maxtal rims will get you safely home – and maybe even onto the podium. Ksyrium wheels are known for being stiff yet light, and at 1445g the Ksyrium SR wheelset can compete with lots of wheels that are twice the price and don’t give you anything like the durability.

Some new perks too

The Ksyrium SR wheelset may be a fine example of its traditional Ksyrium ancestors, but it also gets some of Mavic’s newest technology too. Improved super-sharp braking surfaces improve the trusted Maxtal alloy light yet stiff rims. Clever one-sided drilling keeps the rims extremely resistant to fatigue and enhance rigidity and power transfer, and the bearings and carbon hubs come with all of Mavic’s latest innovations for smooth roll and minimal resistance. All in all, this wheelset is a perfect mix of the best of the Ksyrium of old with Mavic’s latest improvements. And at $1200, it’s more than a fair price for all this quality.

Ksyrium and more

So, what you’re really getting with the Ksyrium SR wheelset is everything you knew and loved from the superb Ksyrium SL – but at even less weight, even more stiffness, and with some nice new perks as well. They are aero enough for triathlon, durable enough for training, strong enough for cyclocross, light enough for climbing, and responsive enough for racing. That’s a lot for $1200. Is there a downside? Maybe – they only come in clincher, and a wheel of this quality really ought to have a tubular option. But that’s something I’m willing to overlook!

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