Mavic R-SYS SLR Wheelset

Mavic R SYS SLR Wheelset 212x300 Mavic R SYS SLR Wheelset

Mavic R-SYS SLR Wheelset

The Mavic R-SYS had a rough ride in its introduction to the market.  One of the features that set this wheel apart – the carbon fiber spokes -  failed and failed again when it was first brought out.  Having said that, Mavic redeemed themselves as a company in the handling of these failures. They handed out a brand new set of Mavic Aksium wheels to all R-SYS owners to ride and to keep permanently while Mavic dealt with the recall.  To most of us, a wheelset, particularly of this quality, represents a major investment, and it is comforting to know that the company that manufactures them stands behind their product, should anything go wrong.

Test ride, test ride, and another test ride

Nonetheless, I was a little nervous prior to testing these wheels.  A broken spoke during a sprint or a descent could be catastrophic, so my fears were well founded.  As it turned out though, I needn’t have worried. The Mavic R-SYS wheelset got a whole season of thrashing without so much as a squeak.

The first thing you notice about R-SYS is how stiff they are.  From a standing start, you can feel every ounce of power you put into these wheels being translated into acceleration and velocity.  They are chomping at the bit to take off.  And as for flex, I could find none.  These wheels are extremely stiff, and in a tightly contested field sprint, the compliance and lack of flex lent an enhanced sense of confidence which allowed me to concentrate on laying power down in the knowledge that the wheels would stay true and hold my line.

Race features

The R-SYS SLR is a very respectably lightweight wheelset at 1350 grams.  As you would expect it is a wheelset that climbs extremely well.  The combination of stiffness and low rotational weight had me climbing up hills I know inside out as well as I ever have.  But the R-SYS is a great deal more than a climbing wheel, and in fact, I had difficulty finding the limits of its versatility.  From training to road racing, and on even into the cyclocross season, the R-SYS have performed as a top end wheelset in every situation, and remained durable, stiff and strong.

At a shade away from $2000, there are plenty of wheels in the competition to consider.  But if you are looking for a high quality do-it-all wheelset, you will be hard pushed to make a better choice that the R-SYS SLR.

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