Reynolds Assault Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset Review

Reynolds Assault Carbon 271x300 Reynolds Assault Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset ReviewThe Reynolds Assault Carbon Clincher wheelset is marketed as a budget wheel, and at $1500, that might seem a bit of a stretch for some.  However, what the Assault seeks to do is to remove the necessity to have a set of wheels for training and a racing set.  When you consider a good set of wheels for training is likely to cost upward of $500, while a set of carbon racing wheels will in all likelihood cost $2000 or more, the “budget” tag is beginning to look a little more realistic.  That said, the performance of these wheels lifts them well above the budget category.

Assault Differences

The difference between the Assault and wheels in the Reynolds performance range is that the carbon layup is a little simpler, and consequently a little heavier than, for example, the Reynolds DV46.  The hubs are KT brand rather than the DT Swiss in more expensive models and there is also a few extra grams between the skewers in the different wheelsets.  But still, the Assault wheelset weighs in at a respectable 1550g which, when you consider that Zipp 404 clincher weigh in at 1658g, is very respectable indeed.  Especially as the Zipp wheel set is 33% more expensive.  Zipp fans will say that at least the Zipp has a durable aluminum braking surface, but Reynolds have come up with a composite carbon braking surface that is more durable and less likely to overheat than the carbon in the rest of the rim.  Kool Stop and Swiss Stop pads are recommended for use with the wheels, cork pads are not recommended and use of them will void the warranty.

The spoke pattern is 20 in front and 24 in the rear.  DT Revolutions are the choice for the front wheel while there are DT Competition spokes on the drive side in the rear to supplement the Revolutions.  This adds a little stiffness and durability.   The spoke nipples themselves are recessed into the rim.  While this might be a bit more of a fiddle when the wheel needs trued, it means that there is a smaller hole drilled into the rim, adding more structural strength.

Wheel Testing

In our performance tests, we put these wheels through the mill, because they made such a broad claim to versatility and durability.  And to our surprise, we were really not disappointed.  The wheels ran very smoothly and cut very well into the wind.  The braking surface was as good as any carbon wheel we have ridden, and the stopping performance remained consistent and powerful.   As for durability, again, top scores.  After a long period of testing in varying terrain and the best and worst of weather conditions, the braking surface remained like new.

Conclusion: All Around Clincher

Despite our initial skepticism, we have to admit that Reynolds really have produced a Carbon Clincher that can be ridden in any conditions, and will remain true.  It is also durable enough for training, and definitely fast enough to race on.  Highly recommended for anyone looking for their first ‘serious’ set of wheels.

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