Reynolds DV3K Wheelset Review

Reynolds DV3K Wheelset 235x300 Reynolds DV3K Wheelset Review

Reynolds DV3K Wheelset

Reynolds racing wheels need little introduction – for years Reynolds has produced light, strong carbon wheels, and recently they’ve been able to keep up the innovation and technology yet bring the prices down. That means, with the Reynolds DV3K, if you are after your first set of seriously good carbon race wheels, you might just have found the perfect wheelset.

Technology by the bucketful

Reynolds has always invested in some clever innovations, and been quick to follow other manufacturers with good ideas. You can find the fruits of this effort all over the Reynolds DV3K wheelset. A clever carbon layup system that tightens the carbon fiber over the underlying wheel structure gives you a wheel that is strong and stiff, and really ought to last a while. The 46mm rim isn’t deep enough to be truly aero – so these aren’t time trial or triathlon wheels – but they are sharp enough for any road race competition. In a bunch, the shallower rim depth gives you more stability, and you don’t have to worry about cross winds, even on a screaming descent.

And it’s the descents where the Reynolds DV3K wheelset really performs. Reynolds has developed a new ‘vibration management system’ to prevent wheel shudder, and believe me, it works. Racing downhill, even an already confident rider will appreciate the noticeable stability and stiffness in the corners. Downhill has always been an issue for Reynolds – their wheels weren’t appreciated for braking. This time though, with the Reynolds V3K, there is an improved braking surface, which combined with Reynolds’ own brake pads, gives you a responsive stop without squeal, shudder, or any stickiness – even on our rainy ride.

So what does all this quality cost?

At the start of this piece, I suggested the Reynolds DV3K wheelset was a good choice for a race rider looking for their first really good set of wheels. Why is that? Well, let’s face it, Reynolds wheels aren’t usually the cheapest or the lightest, and if you have $2000to buy a race wheelset, or can afford to have a separate wheelset for racing and training, then you should probably shop around a little more. That said, at only 1385g, these are a wonderfully light wheelset.

If you are ready for a podium quality set of wheels, but also need something strong enough for wet weather races and serious training, then the DV3K is perfect. You get great wet weather ‘stopability’ and durability that usually comes only with a much heavier wheelset. At only $1700 RRP, the Reynolds DV3K is excellent value, and if you eventually want something with a deeper rim, or a little more race flair, then chances are you’ll still keep your Dv3K wheelset as a reliable backup!

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