Reynolds DV 46T UL Tubular Wheelset Review

SHI Reynolds DV 46T UL Tubular Wheelset Review

We started seeing Reynolds wheels in the Tour de France in 2008 and it was an impressive debut.  They helped Romain Felleui take a stage victory - and the yellow jersey - by winning Stage 3.  However, Reynolds have made the wheels that Felleui used even better. The DV46T has become the DV46T UL or ‘ultra light’. Now, you might think that bicycle component companies are a little prone to exaggeration, and we probably wouldn’t disagree with you on that.  Terms like ‘ultra light’ and ‘super light’ are thrown about for products that may not deserve the terms.  In this case, however, the DV46T was already light at 1300 grams, then Reynolds took a whopping 260g out of the wheel set weight.  Now the DV46T UL offers deep section performance at the weight of a climbing wheelset (1040 grams), and all for a fair price of $2,400.

Climbing With The DV 46T UL

The lightness is of course the first thing you notice about these wheels, especially when riding in the hills.  All the weight lost from the previous generation is in the rim, which means that the DV46T UL is now incredibly responsive to power and acceleration.  The weight lost does not seem to have come at the price of stiffness either.  The spokes are a blend between DT Aerolites (for the radial spokes) and the good ol’ DT Competition spokes (for the crossed spokes), making a combination that is both light and remarkably stiff.

With its lightness and aerodynamic qualities, the DV46T UL was born to be in the break, and as you would expect, it cuts through the wind with ease.  The rims roll on customized DT Swiss 240s hubs, known and revered throughout the cycling community.  And for good reason - these hubs are smooth, look great, are durable and extremely light.  Everything you could want.

As far as braking is concerned, Reynolds have made technological advances with their materials, and now produce a resin which they apply to their braking surface, giving it heat resistance properties that disperse heat better than other carbon compounds.  On the flat, and even going down long descents, the braking inspired confidence with its strength and consistency, even in group situations where speed was high and positioning tight.  Reynolds brake pads are included with the wheels, and Reynolds recommend them alongside Kool Stop and Swiss Stop carbon specific pads.  Cork pads will nullify the 2-year warranty.

Wheelset Conclusions

All in all, these wheels come very close to a dream set of wheels for us.  Extremely light, stiff, aero and no crazy low rider-weight limit.  We raced them for an entire season, and didn’t have to true them once.  Plus they look great.  If you’re looking for a top quality, low-maintenance set of carbon wheels to take your racing to the next level, these are hard to beat.

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