Reynolds Forty Six wheelset

Reynolds Forty Six Wheelset 235x300 Reynolds Forty Six wheelset

Reynolds Forty-Six Wheelset

Reynolds has an excellent reputation – thanks to the long career of the Stratus wheelsets – of producing top quality, lightweight carbon race wheels. If you were looking for a fast, sturdy deep section wheel, then Reynolds had what you needed. Their forays into lighter, climbing wheels were less successful. Sure, they produced some beautiful, super lightweight wheels with silky smooth hubs, but they were so delicate that heavier riders dare even look in their direction, and even lighter riders would like to swap for tougher wheels when they started back down the other side of their climb. Well, now Reynolds has come up with the perfect climbing wheelset that has a lot more versatility and will be of much more use to more riders – the Reynolds Forty Six wheelset.

Head for the hills

When you first pick up these wheels, thinking about how sweet they’ll look on your race bike, you’ll notice that they weigh almost nothing – a paltry 1180g. Yes, that’s right, 1180 grams for a clincher, plus you get a pretty 46 mm carbon rim to carry fancy decals and make your bike look truly fast. And fast it will be - 46mm is just enough rim depth to give you a significant aero benefit, yet you won’t get a wobble in cross winds or in the swirls of the peloton. Look more closely at the Reynolds Forty Six wheelset, and you’ll see even more aero features – ‘swirl lip technology’ folds the air around the wheel,  plus the aerolite spokes, and let’s face it, you are going to slice through the air. These wheels hit the perfect balance of light weight and aerodynamics.

Too pretty to ride?

The obvious question is, then, are these wheels just too light and fast to ride for real? Is this another case of a Reynolds wheelset that is simply too delicate for real riding? Not at all. Reynolds uses high-mod carbon with a resin system to add stiffness and resilience – that means you can hit a bump or two and not find yourself ordering a new wheelset. The Forty Six wheelset is a climber’s dream – light and smooth on the up, and stiff and trustworthy on the down. Unlike Reynolds’ previous lightweight wheels, the Forty Six can also come out and play even when it isn’t just an uphill day.

Perfect wheels for a perfect price

All this technology does come at a price, but it’s a fair one. Reynolds has gone to great lengths in recent years to offer more competitive pricing, and the Forty Six wheelset is no exception. At $2500, you are paying for a set of serious race wheels, but you get less weight and more durability than many comparable wheelsets. If you plan to add time trail stages or want a really impressive set of deep sections for still weather race days, then add a Reynolds Sixty Six wheel to the rear for a killer combo.  Reynolds had competition and versatility in mind with the Forty Six, and has designed them to be beautifully compatible with the deeper Sixty Six.  When you’re ready, for not a lot more you can add that Sixty Six wheel for a really versatile collection that can take you to a podium, even when you step up to stage races.

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