Reynolds Sixty Six Wheelset

Reynolds Sixty Six Wheelset 235x300 Reynolds Sixty Six Wheelset

Reynolds Sixty-Six Wheelset

Reynolds is best known for their top-end carbon race wheels, and they have a clever new collection to offer serious racers quality and choice at a competitive price. With the Reynolds Sixty Six wheelset, racers get a seriously fast deep section wheelset that deserves to be on the bikes of even the pro tour racers. In other words, if you are ready for something mega fast in your bid to climb the categories or get you comfortably placed on the podium, then the Reynolds Sixty Six wheelset is perfect.

Just for racers?

Well, the Reynolds Sixty Six wheelset isn’t cheap. At $2700 RRP, you need to be serious about your racing. With a 66mm deep section rim, these wheels are really made for fast racers in perfect race conditions – not for training in any weather. If you need competitive versatility though, don’t overlook the Sixty Six. That deep section rim is seriously aero – if you do stage races and need a fast aero wheelset for the time trial stage, or you also dabble in triathlon, then the Reynolds Sixty Six is multi-purpose. If you are looking for one wheelset for training and racing in all conditions – including the dreaded cross wind, then the Sixty Six won’t be your best choice. There are plenty of tough, light, wheels with a shallower rim depth out there for you that cost less too.

Mix and match

Now, if you are really into your racing, and you have the cash to build a perfect stable of wheels, then there is some extra hidden versatility in Reynolds top-end collection. Sure, get yourself the Sixty Six wheelset for still race days and the timed events, but then spend a little more and get yourself the Reynolds Forty Six wheelset too. Now you have the perfect mix and match collection of light, fast, and compatible wheels! It’s no accident; Reynolds has designed the Sixty Six and its shallower cousin, the Forty Six, to do just that.

Two sets of wheels? They better be good…

If you do opt for a twin set of the Sixty Six and the Forty Six wheelsets, then you are going to be spending a bit of cash. Is it worth it? You bet. The Sixty Six wheels alone ride like a dream. Deep enough to slice through the air, these wheels are truly fast with extra aero features like ‘swirl lip’ technology that actually creates a productive turbulence and gets the air smooth quickly behind the wheel.

Best of all, this aero wheelset has been designed with road racing in mind too. The carbon resin system Reynolds use makes these wheels tough enough even for a pavé race, and an improved braking surface makes the Sixty Six wheelset a lot easier to stop (something Reynolds hasn’t been know for in the past). Unlike many seriously aero wheels, the Sixty Six isn’t heavy – at 1447g, you’d be hard pressed to find a deep section wheelset that’s much lighter for the money.

Mix it up

If you like the features of the Sixty Six wheelset as much as we did, but you can’t afford to splash out on two sets of wheels and you need more versatility for your racing and training, then don’t worry. Reynolds has the perfect solution. You can buy – as a manufacturer’s wheelset from Reynolds, a Forty Six front wheel with a Sixty Six back wheel. This gives you a little more stability in cross winds, a little less weight up front, and a little more aero in the back. Not bad – and get the clinchers for easy puncture repair, and you’ll have a fairly durable, affordable wheelset that can do just about anything!

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