Reynolds Strike Wheelset

Reynolds Strike Wheelset 235x300 Reynolds Strike Wheelset

Reynolds Strike Wheelset

Reynolds used to be best known for their collection of really nice and good looking carbon wheels. Over the last few years, they’ve expanded their range to offer reasonably priced racing wheels for a much wider market, but don’t think that means their carbon collection is anything less than it used to be. Better still, Reynolds hasn’t dropped the ball; with the Strike wheelset they’ve added some excellent features to their already impressive deep section carbon wheelsets.

A phenomenal wheelset?

You can probably tell I’m a Reynolds fan. My first carbon wheelset was a Reynolds Stratus DV, and not only have they taken me and a few other riders to the podium, they are still going strong. I expected the same quality and durability when I first put the Reynolds Strike wheelset on my race bike. I wasn’t disappointed.

That said, the first thing I noticed was they weren’t as feather light as I expected, and they certainly felt a little heavier than comparable wheels at this price. Mind you, at 1736g for a clincher wheelset, I shouldn’t complain, but as I just took a tubular wheelset off, I questioned the extra weight. I shouldn’t have. Once on the road, the Reynolds Strike wheelset rolled smoothly, and felt like a much lighter wheelset. The 66 mm rim cut through the air and let these wheels slice the air smoothly, yet they were stiff enough I didn’t notice any perceptible wobble in the cross winds. On the descents, they stayed straight and trustworthy, and Reynolds’ new Ctg braking system stopped smoothly, without a squeal or a wiggle. That’s a good thing, because if Reynolds wheels had a weak point in the past it was their capacity to stop.

So they ride nicely. But do they last?

Of course, in a road test you can’t tell how well the wheels will hold up over time. Sure, I didn’t avoid the potholes and road cracks, and even after a few rides these wheels still rolled true (which is good, because Reynolds isn’t known for customer care). So how could we test their durability? Easy enough – put ‘em on cyclocross bike and get them dirty on the trails.

Under a 200 pound ‘cross rider, on some gnarly, muddy singletrack, the Reynolds Strike wheelset really came into their own – that may be why you so often see Reynolds wheels on ‘cross bikes. They stayed tough and stable, and even after a couple hours of thrashing in mud, sand, and rocks – and some not to gentle drop offs - these wheels came back as straight and true as they went out.  Looks like – at least from this test – that the Reynolds Strike wheelset lives up to our expectations of a wheel that can go fast and get dirty.

Good value?

If you want a multi-purpose wheelset that is fast enough to road race, aero enough for at least a mid level time trial or triathlon, and then can finish up the season with some knobby tires for your cross races, then these are a great choice. Sure, there are lighter clincher carbon wheels out there, and they are cheaper too – the Mavic Cosmic Carbone XL costs less and Easton has lighter wheels – but if you want the convenience of a clincher that really can do it all, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better wheelset than the Reynolds Strike. At $1850 RRP, they aren’t pricey by any stretch for a wheelset of this quality.

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