Shimano Dura-Ace WH 7850-C24 wheelset

Shimano Dura Ace WH7850 C24 CL1 Shimano Dura Ace WH 7850 C24 wheelset Shimano created a very special new wheelset with the latest Dura-Ace incarnations. Actually 4 new wheelsets, but we’ll get to that. The new 7850 lineup combines new technologies while also providing compatibility with proven technology to give riders performance and great ride quality.

Dura-Ace Hybrid Rim Materials

The new Dura-ACE 7850-C24 uses a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum in the rim. A thin walled aluminum rim gives a superior braking surface and a lot of lateral stiffness. The carbon fiber reinforces the rim, giving strength, light weight, and reducing vibration. The spoke holes are reinforce with carbon making the wheelset strong enough for the heaviest riders. The rim is wider than most rims, 22 mm, to give a rounder cross section for improved cornering, reduced pinch flats, and more lateral stiffness. The rims of the WH-7850-C24 CL are also road tubeless compatible. The tubular model is the WH 7850-C24 TU.

The new hub represents what Shimano has tried to do with the new Dura-Ace wheelset, preserve the proven aspects and give older Shimano owners an upgrade path. The 7850’s hub is 8, 9, and 10 speed compatible replacing the 10 speed specific freehub body of the 7800 series. Most wheelsets come with cartridge bearings, but Shnao sticks with their signature “angular contact” cup and cone style bearings allowing owners to strip and regrease the hubs themselves.

WH 7850-C24 Riding Characteristics

The improved design of the 7850-C24 wheelset stands out noticeably when ridden. The sub 1400 gram clincher wheels accelerate quickly and ride with a muted quality. The carbon tubular barely tip the scales at 1250 grams. The carbon reinforced rims take the harshness out of the road to smooth out the ride nicely. The wheelset is plenty stiff to sprint on while not feeling any flex of wind up on standing climbs. The strength of the rims was shown to tolerate in excess of 1780 lbs of pulling force at the spoke, even then the aluminum layer failed while the carbon held. The wider cross section and with tubeless tires gives any bike a much more stable foundation for really turning into the corner without any unpredictability.

With a blend of materials, the new Dura-Ace 7850 C24-CL or C24-TU will stand head to head with any aluminum or carbon wheelset. Although now quite the lightest, the stiffness and full carbon like feel of these wheels is amazing. The price is great too. The medium profile nature of these wheels would be a drawback for some, with only a 24 mm rim depth. However, Shimano has the WH-7850 C50 tubular wheelset with its deep dish profile that gives the best wheels from Zipp, Mavic and Lightweight a run for its money. For the value oriented, the WH-7850 Scandium Tubeless models gives carbonless, tubeless, Dura-Ace quality at a lower price. Any of the new 7850 family of wheels would be a welcome upgrade for any bike.

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