Shimano Ultegra WH-6700 Wheelset Review

shimano ultegra 6700 wheelset 300x264 Shimano Ultegra WH 6700 Wheelset ReviewShimano Ultegra is the workhorse brand of the Shimano line up.  As with most bicycle component manufacturers, anything beneath the top of the line groupset tends to benefit from the technological advances and improved materials that are used in pro-level equipment.  So it is with Shimano Ultegra, and this is no more in evidence than with the new Shimano Ultegra set of components which carries many of the features of the much adored Dura Ace, at a fraction of the price.  So when we tested the Shimano Ultegra WH-6700 Wheelset, we expected great things, and that is perhaps a little unfair for a wheelset that costs a mere $650.

Ultegra WH-6700 Tire Choices

One of the attractive features of the new Ultegra wheelset is that it provides you with a variety of tire options.  The rim is equipped to accept a tubeless clincher tire without the fuss and bother of installing tubeless rim tape.  What this means is that the spoke holes do not protrude through the rim, the rim seam having been sealed, ready to accept a tubeless set up.  The rim therefore will accept a tubeless clincher set up, or a conventional clincher with inner tube.

Wheelset Finish

The wheels have a sleek design with a cool grey finish.  They have an aero feel about them as well with bladed spokes, 16 in the front and 20 in the rear.  As with a great deal of Ultegra parts, Shimano has taken many of the best parts of Dura Ace and brought it to a more affordable level.  The difference between these wheels and their Dura Ace big brother is in a slightly heavier rim, different hub shells made from a different alloy, less smoothing in the bearing races and a steel cassette body.  But these wheels perform well enough to step out of the shadow of Dura Ace to provide a good quality, resilient training wheelset that would not look out of place in a road race.

Riding Test

In our test, the hubs rolled nicely, and required no adjustment out of the box.  On the flats, and in the pack, they performed well, responding well under acceleration and displaying solid and reliable breaking characteristics.  On the way down hill, I felt stable and safe, with no detectable flex and with enough vertical compliance to allow a reasonably comfortable journey down the hillside.

Final Thoughts

It might be said that the Ultegra wheels are not the lightest, but if you want bang from your bucks, 1652 grams is a good weight for the money and stands up very well to the competition.  If you are looking for a reliable, good quality training wheelset, or even a wheelset on which to start your racing career the Ultegra WH-6700 could be an excellent solution.

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