Shimano Ultegra WH-6600-G Wheelset Review

WH 6600 G 300x225 Shimano Ultegra WH 6600 G Wheelset Review

The Shimano Ultegra WH-6600-G wheelset is the staple of the ‘Ultegra’ wheelset series. There have been Ultegra 6000-series wheels around for quite a while now – they’re popular as stock wheels on good quality complete bikes, and they have a pretty dedicated following of fans too. The 6600-G anticipates the 6700, but like all the 6000 series wheelsets you can expect some decent Shimano features.

With the Shimano WH-RS80-C24-Cl wheelset you get decent alloy rims, and some Shimano innovations.  Look for offset rear rims for better power transfer, bladed spokes, and oversize axle to keep this wheelset stable, and Shimano’s rim wear indicator so you when it’s time to put the wheelset away.

A perfect place

The WH-6600-G wheelset is one of those wheelsets that really is all things to all riders.  At 1680 grams, they deserve a place in the peloton, either as a good race wheel for a novice racer or as a spare wheelset for a seasoned competitor. If you’re a long distance randonneur, you’ll appreciate this lightweight wheelset when the miles start to add up. If you are a beginner rider looking to upgrade the stock wheels that came with your bike, the $600 price tag makes these wheels look pretty good indeed. In fact, at that price it’s a wonder why every cyclist doesn’t have a pair in their garage at the very least.

Strong and stable

Despite their light weight, the Ultegra WH-6600-G wheelset holds up to the rigors of most riding. They can take some potholes without losing true and without the hefty ‘springback’ of Shimano’s lower-end, more flexible wheelsets. The Shimano design features give this wheelset plenty of stability on corners, over bumps, and on descents.

To be fair, though, at this weight and at this price, there has to be a weakness. In the case of the Shimano WH-6600-G wheelset, it’s that they aren’t as reliable under heavier riders. If you are over 200 pounds, you may find yourself replacing some spokes – which with all Shimano wheels is an annoyingly and unnecessarily complex process. The low spoke count doesn’t help. The hubs, too, have a reputation for starting out sweet but breaking down quickly.  When that happens, it’s worth replacing the bearings though, rather than giving up on the wheelset altogether.


Shimano Ultegra WH-6600-G wheelset is a good value wheelset that will improve any novice’s ride, and makes a good spare race wheelset or training wheelset for a racer with higher demands. If you bought a complete bike and it came with these wheels, then chances are you paid a lot for your bike and you’ll want a better wheelset for race day.  Hang on to the WH-6600-G wheelset though, it’s worth keeping!

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