Shimano WH-RS20-S Wheelset Review

WH RS20 S 300x225 Shimano WH RS20 S Wheelset Review

The RS Series of wheelsets in the ‘entry-level’ wheelset series from Shimano, and The WH-RS20-S fits neatly into this category. RS stands for ‘Road Sport’, and thankfully Shimano never mentions racing where these wheels are concerned, because race wheels they aren’t. The WH-RS20-S wheelset is a good-looking training wheelset, fine for new road riders, commuters, or racers looking for an inexpensive training wheelset. At 1817 grams they are simply too heavy for racing – even for beginners – and long-distance tourists will also appreciate a lighter wheelset, but at only $299 for the wheelset, they’ll find a place.

Nice features

You’ll get some nice features with the WH-RS20-S wheelset, like aero spokes, and offset rear rim for better power transmission, and a rim wear indicator which should be on every entry-level bike to help beginners spot when a rim needs to be replaced. The Shimano WH-RS20-S wheelset is compatible with 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes, so we can expect to see it as a stock wheel on lots of mid-priced road bikes. And that’s the thing about the Shimano WH-RS20-S wheelset – it may not a wheelset you’d go out and look for; more likely you’ll end up with a pair when you upgrade the wheels on your new road bike that came with them.

Strong and stable

The best aspect of the Shimano Road Sport WH-RS20-S wheelset is its strength. These wheels are tough, will roll for miles without needing a visit to the truing stand, and clumsy riders can roll into potholes and over bumps without popping spokes. And while it may be heavy, this wheelset’s weight does mean that they stick to the road well on corners, descents, and rough surfaces. The WH-RS20-S’s hubs are a plus point too. They roll smoothly, which helps to make up for the weight. As long as you don’t have to climb a lot, these wheels are surprisingly comfortable for their weight.


The Shimano WH-RS20-S wheelset is a low-priced, roll though anything wheelset. If you want to commute safely, ride your first randonnee without worries, or need a robust set of training wheels for the winter, then this may be the wheelset for you. Don’t be put off by the weight – aero features and great quality hubs keep these wheels rolling all day. As long as you don’t have to go up big hills!

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