Specialized Roval Fusee Star Wheelset

Specialized Roval Fusee Star Wheelset Specialized Roval Fusee Star Wheelset

Specialized Roval Fusee Star Wheelset

Roval is the brand name for Specialized’s own line of wheels. Just as with absolutely anything else from Specialized, you can expect Roval wheels – whatever the level – to be good value and good quality.  Even at the lower end of the price range – the domain of stock wheels and beginner upgrades, anytime you get a Roval wheelset you’ll know you’ve got something worth every penny you’ve spent.

Entry level rider

So, go and take a look at your brand new road bike dripping in Specialized logos. If it’s your first ‘real’ road bike, and it’s perched on a Roval Fusee Star wheelset, then you should be very pleased with yourself. This wheelset isn’t going to set the world alight, and if you progress to regular racing it will be one of your first upgrades, but for now they should make you pretty happy. They will certainly get some approving nods from your new friends on the club rides.

First of all, the Specialized Roval Fusee Star is plenty fast enough for those club rides. If you get left behind, it won’t be because of your wheelset. They aren’t the lightest, they don’t pretend to be aero, but they do have excellent hubs and spokes and they roll very sweetly indeed. When you try to contest the sprint to the coffee shop, expect them to transfer your power well, and not to flex or creak or otherwise complain. They are handsome, reliable, and efficient workhorses, and they will get you where you need to be. You just might not be the first one to get there!

Stock or starter

Most people will get the Roval Fusee Star wheelset with a complete bike purchase. All too often the wheelset is where bike manufacturers skimp when it comes to complete bikes. I guess they expect you to upgrade the wheels first, or they figure you won’t notice if it’s your first good road bike, since you’ll be so blown away by the bike itself. Kudos to Specaialized for making an excellent starter wheelset for their entry level road bikes, which even if you upgrade, you’d be wise to keep as a perfectly respectable training or spare wheelset.

Even if your bike didn’t come with the Roval Fusee Star wheelset, there are some good reasons to get a set. If your bike – not a Specialized, obviously – came with a rotten wheelset, then for only about $450 you should be able to get a Fusee Star wheelset and vastly improve your riding enjoyment. If you want to spend most of your budget on a decent set of wheels to get into racing, then use your spare change to get a set of Fusee Stars to use for rough weather training rides or a spare set on race day for the wheel car. The Specialized Roval Fusee Star wheelset does more than just get you home – it gets you home smoothly, quickly, and in style!

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