SRAM S27 AL Comp Wheelset Review

Sram s271 SRAM S27 AL Comp Wheelset Review

The SRAM S27 AL Comp wheelset is SRAM’s attempt at an entry level wheelset.  Why do I say it’s an ‘attempt’? Because this wheelset gives you much more than you’d expect from anything called ‘entry level’. At 1660 grams, these wheels match up in the weight race with other wheelsets in their $500 price bracket, but the SRAM S27 AL Comp wheelset has a few hidden benefits added in.

Top end features

To strat with, you get the same hubs at the SRAM S30 wheelsets, with top-quality sealed cartridge bearings and the S30 hubs’ preload adjustment so they'll roll smoothly without any extra play or binding. Now, with the S27 Al Comp wheelset you aren’t sneaking into SRAM’s newly bought Zipp technology – these are standard shaped rims and not the clever ‘toroidal’ shape from Zipp, but nonetheless you’ll enjoy some pretty aero performance. The 27mm v-shape rims give you just enough aero slice to take your turn at the front of the group ride, but they won’t wobble in a cross wind.

What ‘entry level’ should be.

The SRAM S27 AL Comp wheelset isn’t light enough to be the choice for a competitive road racer, but they are certainly a super training wheelset, and even on wet and windy training rides you’ll feel like maybe you should have kept them safe at home.  This wheelset rides – and looks – like much more than a training wheelset.  Unlike other wheelsets in this price range, the SRAM S27 AL Comp wheelset really can take a novice to the start line.  They aren’t super-light, but the top quality hubs make all the difference for low resistance, a smooth ride, and sharp transfer of power.

Slimming down a few features – this wheelset doesn’t have the aero recessed nipples of the S30 models – is done deliberately.  These wheels can be easily trued, and spokes replaced without spending days at the mechanic’s. Like the rest of the SRAM wheelset stable, they fit both 9 or 10 speed components, and are compatible with SRAM or Shimano.


If you want to try out road racing and you know you need to step up from your stock wheels,but you don’t want to drop a lot of cash, these wheels are ideal. If you stick with your racing and upgrade again – like to the SRAM S30 wheelsets – you’ll keep these anyway as your favorite training wheelset.  If you’re already a racer, and you need a training wheelset that can take the rigors of the road, is easy to maintain,but still feels good to ride and leaves the rest of the Saturday riders green with envy, then the SRAM S27 AL Comp wheelset is a perfect choice.  Once again, SRAM lives up to its reputation for top quality components in any price range – but it would be even better if they made a Campagnolo-compatible version.

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