Zipp 30 Clincher Wheelset

Zipp Road 30 Clincher wheelset 300x199 Zipp 30 Clincher Wheelset

Zipp 30 Clincher Wheelset

Wait? Don’t you mean the Zipp 303 wheelset? No, I don’t. If you can get your head out of the traditional Zipp wheelset naming pattern, and embrace the Zipp 30 wheelset, then you are in for a treat. The Zipp 30 brings a new clincher rime to the Zipp mix, and boy does it deserve to carry the Zipp name.

Aero engineering

The primary focus of the new Zipp 30 wheels is aerodynamics. This is a wheel for triathletes, time trialists, and the brave souls that feel the need to lead the peloton. Building on decades of engineering and research, Zipp has taken their trademark carbon toroidal shape and got the same results, but this time in aluminum. What you get is a stiff, responsive, yet aero clincher wheel that tests out at over 40 seconds faster over 40K than a traditional box-shape rim. You won’t just feel that aero benefit when you are out solo trying to slice the wind. You’ll notice that this wheel accelerates faster, getting you up to speed smoothly and seemingly effortlessly.

Versatility and strength

Sure, the Zipp 30 is a seriously aero wheel, but the benefits of the aluminum make it ideal in many other respects. You’ve got an aluminum braking surface, so you can ride this wheel confidently in wet weather and down screaming descents, certain that you’ll be able to slow down when you need to – not that you’ll want to! The Zipp 30 wheelset gives you a lateral stability that makes cornering a breeze, and best of all it’s robust enough to be your set of training wheels, rain wheels, whatever you need them to be. Zipp road-tested one set over 14,000 miles – that tells me this is one tough wheelset.

Clincher rims make sure you can change a flat when you need to, but the wide 21.5mm rim means you can get a little extra pressure without risk of pinch flats, so you may never need a spare tube. External spoke nipples mean that should you need to true these wheels after the first ten thousand miles, you can get where you need to easily. Aluminum cased hubs from Zipp’s top of the range stable are smooth and responsive, and designed like the rims to take whatever the road throws at them.

What a deal!

Is there a downside to these wheels? Not that I can find. At 1650g they certainly aren’t the lightest wheels around, but the aero engineering more than makes up for the weight. At about $850 for the pair, they are the perfect choice for a mid level rider looking for an upgrade to their only wheelset, knowing that if they want to raise their game still further with a dedicated race wheelset, these wheels have years of use and will hold a place in their arsenal for a long time. They’re fast enough for a top racer who wants a high performing training wheelset or a race set for cobbles, rain, or those extra long training rides. Plus, they look fantastic – like any Zipp wheel should!

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